Are the Bears for real?

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It is known that the Bears have won four of five games. It isn’t known whether they can continue that pace for the next 11 games.

The Bears entered the dreaded stretch of two games only four days apart, one that could have turned their 3-0 record as of Sunday morning into 3-2 as of Thursday night. After losing to — and being manhandled by — the Colts, the Bears found a way to end Tampa’s three-game winning streak.

Still, the Bears continue to live dangerously in their victories, coming back from double-digit deficits in three of their four wins, and nearly squandering a 17-point lead in the other victory.

“Now we get a little bit of a mini-bye to be able to say, ‘Where are we right now, where can we get better and what can we do so that we keep this momentum going and really start peaking at the right time?’” coach Mat Nagy told reporters on Friday.

He’s right. Teams get better or worse during every season; they rarely stay the same. In nine days, the Bears will face a better-than-expected Carolina team before a string of four tests prior to the bye week: At the Rams, Saints, at the Titans (assuming they can play the game), and Vikings.

Even if the Bears go 2-3 over the next five games, that’s 6-4 at the bye. A 3-2 run puts Chicago at 7-3. Or maybe they’ll duplicate what they did over the first five games, finishing 8-2 before the six-game stretch run.

Regardless, the early-season wins become money in the bank for a team with a very good defense and a good-enough offense that perhaps will get better as Nick Foles gets more reps and games under his belt. While a 4-1 start guarantees nothing, it’s better than any permutation other than 5-0 (or, technically, 4-0-1).

So where do the Bears go from here? Ultimately, that’s up to the Bears. But they have to be feeling good about where they are.

18 responses to “Are the Bears for real?

  1. Really happy for Nick Foles. He can be inconsistent but he is a great person who makes big plays pretty often. He gives the Bears a much higher ceiling than Trubisky did.

  2. Only if they can have those refs for their games. I had the feeling I was watching an NBA game where the refs had predetermined the outcome. There were several huge calls that went against the Bucs in last night’s game (the illegal procedure that was called offsides, the roughing the passer, the fumble that shouldn’t have been ruled a catch). It’s hard to win a game when that many bad calls go against you.

  3. Winning buys you time to fix things while still staying in contention. Doesn’t matter how the Bears got there.

  4. Their D is, but their offense and STs are not. I had it as a loss before the season for Brady and TB because of the D. But, cap hell means the Bears are not for real.

  5. The Bears are good not great. I have said it all along, the Bucanneers have not beaten a good team yet and that includes the Bears.

  6. Heck yeah the Bears are for real. Even the 2nd string QB was drafted higher than Patrick Mahomes, so they are DEEP in talent…

  7. I’m still not a believer. That running game isn’t working and the Oline is struggling to keep Foles upright. Foles is not the most durable guy and if he gets hurt you’re relying on Mitch again. Could they make the playoffs? Sure, that defense is great and offense is doing enough. I don’t see them winning a playoff game though.

  8. They beat an average TB team by 2 and only scored 1 TD. In an offensive minded league, where you need to average 25+ to win, consistently, the game last night was not one that made them look real. If they would’ve lost, this wouldn’t be a discussion. And 1 game doesn’t make you real or a loser. They won, and that matters but the verdict is still out.

  9. No….but with the quick start and the expanded playoffs they’ll get in…and then a quick exit.

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