Bruce Arians: “We all knew it was fourth down”

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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady thought fourth down was third down last night in Chicago, causing him to focus less on converting and more on getting the ball closer to field-goal range on the play that he believed was third down. After the game, coach Bruce Arians insisted that Brady knew it was fourth down. On Friday, Arians reiterated his position.

“I don’t know how to answer it for him,” Arians said of the lingering confusion as to whether Brady had a senior moment. “We all knew it was fourth down. I think he saw what he saw.”

I don’t know what that means, because what we all saw was Brady holding four fingers in the air. Unless he was simply demonstrating Patrick Mahomes’ placement on the 2020 NFL top-100 list, Brady was asking the officials whether it was fourth down after fourth down had happened.

After the game, Brady evaded the question of whether he knew it was fourth down, with the help of a reporter who stunningly premised his question of whether Brady didn’t know it was fourth down by saying, “I can’t imagine that was the case.”

Most who watched the game can imagine it was the case, especially since he had multiple chances to say “yes I knew” or “no I didn’t” and chose to say neither.

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  1. Because you always see QBs stay on the field after failed 4th downs, waving 4 fingers at the officials? Brady was just telling them “See, we failed on 4th down.”

  2. We all know that if it was Winston at the end of the game losing track of downs he would be getting ripped for it and rightfully so, but because its Brady there has to be some other explanation, no way he didn’t just screw up like a human.

  3. I know that he knew, too. I caught that fake surprise look. He was hoping to get a 5th down, but he’s not in New England anymore!

  4. Come on man. Everyone saw Brady raise four fingers up. The guy clearly thought it was fourth down when it was in fact turn over on downs

  5. Sure Bruce. Like how you said Levi Brown was elite and how Blaine Gabbert is a franchise QB. I am sure Brady was holding up 4 was to help us at home knowing was forth down and the game was effectively over.
    You know how people are baffled by Gronk’s down numbers or think he is just old? Bruce Arians doesn’t throw to the TEs much. I watched every Cardinals game with him as coach.

  6. Maybe if your defense actually could play defense and not let Foles look like Montana, you wouldn’t of had to worry what down it was.

  7. Thank you for pointing out the premise of the question. Arians seems to be covering for the QB. Didn’t Brady get an exrta down for the Pats doing that? question.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks Brady was just in semi disbelief/doing sleigh of hand/being arrogant?

    I couldn’t believe it either as a fan, how frustrating. Ofcourse he knew it was 4th down, but he’s the GOAT and maybe figured if he had fooled 1 ref, he could get 5 downs. No, he’s not mentally declining. He’ll be asked about that for the rest of his career. Be thankful all media personalities have paychecks and something to talk about now because of this.

    Not a big deal.

  9. Is it out of the question here that he was just trying to get an official to spot the ball in error and get a quick play off? I mean that might work.

  10. The Media has not mentioned the possibility Brady could of gotten a concussion and that explains the confusion. The Bears Defense gave Brady a Beating and also Brady has been in the league for over 20 years can we recall has he made this mistake before.

  11. Why is “Arians” so popular as a head coach? “I have my suspicions” He has done nothing as a head coach and he’s going to waste the few years of the GOAT!

  12. The carelessness of the Bucs organization is contagious. This didn’t happen in New England. Brady is missing Bill and Josh more than he’s willing to let on.

  13. Everyone has a brain glitch every once in a while. It’s just rare to see it happen to Tom Brady.
    Tom vs.Time…Time is gaining.

  14. Is Tom Brady on trial here? If he made a mistake so be it, The horse is dead, just move on.

  15. There is a joy in watching Brady fade as his entire resume is a system-based one and that he was propped up by a coaching staff that limited what he could do and not to ask more of him. It is obvious that he’s not all there. The question is whether father time has caught up with him (and disputing the pathetic blather from this blog about how good he is) or whether he’s a fish out of water and misses the coach that covered for his weaknesses for over a decade.

  16. glac1 says:
    October 9, 2020 at 1:36 pm
    Patriots knew when Brady’s time was up…..
    You mean like last week, when he threw FIVE TD’s and was Offensive Player of the Week?

  17. lemmetalkwouldya says:
    You mean like last week, when he threw FIVE TD’s and was Offensive Player of the Week?

    No, like last night when he looked confused and frustrated at times and forgot is was fourth down. Like after he threw four pick-sixes in his previous six games prior to the Bears game.
    Watch the first half of last week’s game and he was worse than pedestrian in the first half, then put together a great second half.
    Tom Brady is an all-time great, and can still clearly bring it from time to time. But he’s also clearly not what he once was, and hasn’t been for awhile. He no longer benefits from a tight, attention-to-detail system around him as he was in New England.
    Brady is not immune to criticism, and sooner or later the Brady worshipers on this site will have to stop going ballistic whenever he’s referred to as anything other than divine — especially when it’s deserved, as it is today.

  18. Here is my problem: if the ALL the Bucs knew it was fourth down, why didn’t the OC or HC send in the Field Goal unit? Everyone can blame TB all they want, but it is ultimately up to the OC or HC to decide not to go for it on 4th down and send in the FG unit. I put this more on them than Brady.

  19. People need to learn the game. Brady is currently on pace to exceed his GOAT career norms, while acclimating to a new team, and dealing with several injuries to key weapons.

    His pace; 38 TDs, 13 INTs and 4,400 yards. His current 2% INT rate would place him #8 all-time for taking care of the ball as a career average. He would need to throw 11 more pick sixes to equal Brees’ and P. Manning’s total.

    Brady is doing just fine, to anyone who has a clue about football. And the Bears do have a top 10 D, so no surprise he didn’t light them up.

  20. Look, Brady is great and all but after seeing him yelling at his O line and then looking befuddled on 4th down, it finally dawned on me how much of a Diva he has turned into. Yes, he’s had a stellar career but its not like it hasn’t come with some questionable antics. I think its a combination of a desire to be great with a ton of ego has turned him into a less than desirable person unless you are a Patriots fan. I’m just glad his most memorable mistake came against Foles and my Bears!

  21. He was hoping to be catching the refs napping. Like that one college game several years back when the refs gave a team a fifth down. And they won the game.

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