Cowboys confirm Tyron Smith out for season

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The Cowboys have suffered a very big loss on their offensive line.

Dallas left tackle Tyron Smith will miss the rest of the season, head coach Mike McCarthy confirmed today.

That had been expected after news surfaced that Smith’s history of neck injuries was showing no signs of getting better and was instead getting worse. McCarthy said today that Smith needs neck surgery.

The 29-year-old Smith has been one of the best left tackles in the NFL for the last decade, and the Cowboys will have a hard time replacing him. Brandon Knight is expected to be the starting left tackle going forward.

Dallas has already lost starting right tackle La'el Collins for the season, so Dak Prescott is going to have a very difficult job this season, leading an offense behind a line that isn’t giving him much protection.

25 responses to “Cowboys confirm Tyron Smith out for season

  1. Really sucks for him. Not only one of the best when healthy, but a good guy. Never in trouble, never talked trash. Hopefully he’ll bounce back next year.

  2. I have no love for the Cowboys but I hate to see that. Smith is a beast. I watch him more than any other player on that offense.

  3. I’m starting to think that the Eagles still have a chance at winning this division. The Cowboys OLine was their biggest strength and the Eagles has been in disarray since week 1 with all the injuries.

    If the Cowboys line is in as bad shape as the Eagles is, I’m going to give the Eagles the nod because they haven’t been healthy in 3 years and are used to it.

    I’m glad I didn’t draft Zeke in fantasy becuase Dak will be throwing 50x a game, every game.

  4. Whatever it is, it’s not worth your health. Terrific player, multimillionaire. Take care of yourself.

  5. Maybe move Dak around a little more instead of 5 and 7 step drops every pass play. Would take some pressure off the line and give the defenses something else to account for.

  6. Ugh . Just devastating. As a lifelong cowboys fan I’m sick . The guy is just a great dude . Forget football for a second. I hope he makes a comfortable decision for him and his family.

  7. Huge Cowboys fan here. By all accounts a model citizen never mind being the best at his position. Awesome guy who just did his job better than anyone. You simply can’t replace or duplicate that. Well wishes my dude to a speedy recovery!

  8. eagleswin says:
    October 9, 2020 at 11:49 am
    I’m starting to think that the Eagles still have a chance at winning this division.


    Why? Did they get Foles back?

  9. Wish him a full recovery and hope he is able to live pain free after football. Such a strange year with all of the injuries.

  10. Jerry wants Trevor has qb. Dax will be gone after this season and pick Trevor has the number 1 pick

  11. I would think his career is over. GREAT player and GREAT person. Retire in peace and enjoy your family! At 29 you have your whole life ahead of you.

  12. It’s amusing to hear fans and critics of every team that isn’t doing well scream “tanking for Trevor!”
    The Cowboys are bad, but they have some talent and play in a joke of a division. They’ll win a handful of games, enough to lose out of the No 1 pick in the draft.
    Right now it’s hard to see any team being worse than the Jets and Giants — who probably aren’t tanking at all, they’re just THAT devoid of talent and leadership. Even the Falcons and Texans will likely win more games.
    A lot of team in this league are a mess right now. They don’t need to “tank” for anyone.

  13. Joe The Bartender says:
    October 9, 2020 at 11:44 am
    The Boys may limp into the playoffs but they won’t go very far!

    I highly doubt the Cowboys post a winning record, they aren’t making the playoffs this season. The Cowboys defense is a hott mess inside a dumpster fire right now and offensively they aren’t going to be able to protect Dak Prescott or consistently run block without BOTH starting OT’s at LT & RT and are also without their starting Center Joe Looney. I don’t see the Cowboys winning for a while.

  14. Cowboys have played most of the season without the tackles and that didn’t stop them from scoring points. Itll be the defense not the offense that keeps us out the playoffs.

  15. It saddens me to see so many good players going down with injuries, no matter who they play for. The quality of the league suffers when this happens and that is what bothers me.

  16. Anthony Berry says:
    October 9, 2020 at 6:48 pm
    Cowboys have played most of the season without the tackles and that didn’t stop them from scoring points. Itll be the defense not the offense that keeps us out the playoffs

    So you don’t think those 9 turnovers by the cowboys offense has anything to do with their struggles? Yes, the defense is bad, but it gets even harder when they’re given a very short field a couple times every game.

  17. His career should be over at this point. You dont mess with your neck. The great Cowboys o-line from 3 years ago is basically history….and they should still win the NFC east this year.

  18. I just hope that Dak Prescott does not suffer a career-ending injury behind an OL of rookies and undrafted free agents because that would cause the Jones boys to weep copious amounts of crocodile tears.

  19. Terrible news. Neck surgery is serious, but Tryon Smith is young and certainly can afford the best medical care. I wish him well and hope for a speedy recovery, but I fear this injury will be career ending.

    It’s worse news for Prescott and Elliot. Losing both the starting right and left tackles and the center for the season does not make for a good offensive line. Prescott will be running for his life, as opposing defenses on the schedule are already game planning for persistent pass rush attacks, especially on the edges. Prescott is a good but not great quarterback, expect he has a tendency to hold onto the ball for too long, so expect his sack numbers to go up dramatically. Elliot won’t be running for his life, because this offense will be more pass happy than ever under McCarthy and Moore.

    Thus, these Cowboys are in dire straits. A decimated offensive line leaves them without a credible running game. That means they’re going to have to score early and often, and the only way to do that is by the passing game. It renders them easy to defense, because they’re now limited in play calling.

    I miss Jason Garrett only in the sense that I can no longer blame him for the pathetic performance I saw last Sunday. Who I really miss is Ron Marinelli. There is no way he would have allowed the Cleveland Browns to put up 49 points on his defense. He would have had a better game plan. But Baker Mayfield did play high school football at Lake Travis, Austin, one of the better programs outside of the Permian Basin, so it’s impossible to know whether Marinelli could have shut him down with this defense. All I know is that Mike Nolan failed to do so.

    These are your Dallas Cowboys. A predictable offense, no defense to speak of, and special teams that are a joke. Welcome to the McCarthy era.

    They might win a few games on a fluke, like against Atlanta, but I doubt they’ll make it to 7-9 or win the division. The Giants may well get their first victory of the season this weekend. Garrett is coming back to town, and how sweet an embarrassing loss by Dallas would be to him.

    If these Cowboys do improbably make the playoffs as a wild card, they’ll just get thrown out in the first half. So this is all an undertaking in futility.

  20. Smith has been the best left tackle in the Nfl for years. But neck injuries can affect the rest of your life. It’s only a game. Yes it’s a business for owners but it it’s a game. No need for him to put his future in jeopardy . He needs to do what he has to do to maintain his ability to function for his family. It’s just a game.

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