Jets have a “presumptive positive” COVID-19 test result

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The New York Jets are the latest team to have a COVID-19 concern.

Per multiple sources, the Jets have received a positive test result for a player. It’s a “presumptive positive.” The player currently is being re-tested to determine whether it’s a false positive.

The players and coaches have been sent home for the day, out of an abundance of caution.

More will be known in the coming hours, based on the results of the re-testing process. Regardless, the Jets won’t be working to prepare for Sunday’s game until they get the “all clear,” at the earliest.

18 responses to “Jets have a “presumptive positive” COVID-19 test result

  1. This is the beginning of a tsunami. I’m afraid. It’s the tip of an iceberg and the NFL is the Titanic.
    It’s not a matter of “IF” they will have to shut the whole thing down, it’s a matter of “WHEN”.

  2. The league and nearly all of the teams are doing a good job in very tough circumstances.

  3. The question is who/how.

    If its a matter of someone who is breaking procedures and/or personal quarantine, the solution may have to be team bubbles at hotels. Because a few dum dumbs can’t get it in their heads to be careful.

    I think that would be a shame. I think it was clear from training camps and the first 3 weeks that this was possible to work as is if all players and staff are dilligent.

    But if people can’t do that, either season will get jacked up, of you’ll have to enforce team bubbles because people can’t control themselves.

  4. Just like with any occupation, you can’t control what employees are exposed to away from the job.

  5. Hey Rog, to use language you may understand…

    It is more probable than not that you have a serious problem on your hand.

    It is more probable than not that you should be thinking about the health and welfare of your players, coaches, other employees along with their families!

    At this point and even more so if you just sit back and do very little, it is more probable than not that you don’t care about those mentioned above.

  6. cheeseburger says:
    October 9, 2020 at 10:44 am

    What is a presumptive positive? Now Dr. Goodell is presuming guilt over innocence?


    Read that again. The player has a positive test. They are retesting them, to make sure there wasn’t an error in the first test. In your analogy, that would be like being convicted but waiting on appeal. Which is how both systems are designed to work. Not everything is a conspiracy.

  7. The year can definitely be played. Pre symptomatic spread is the evil to conquer. WHO has even said it is extremely rare for an asymptomatic person to spread the illness.

    Cam Newton had symptoms, has dinner with Gilmore, Gilmore is asymptomatic, hugs Pat Mahomes

    and Mahomes has not tested positive.

    Titans players were noted by Vrabel to have symptoms, but who knows how many, which is why they had a significant outbreak. It is no secret they messed up and that is why it is harder to get under control versus New England, KC, and Las Vegas at this point

  8. Everyone is quick to blame Goodell, but if he didn’t have to fight with the union, players would have to live in a hotel.

  9. I think NFL should seriously consider cancelling bye weeks, moving later games into those slots where possible, and saving bye weeks for when teams have covid outbreaks. Otherwise, they risk having players come back positive after a week off, and then they are screwed since the team already had a bye week.

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