Jimmy Garoppolo’s ankle is “feeling good”

Getty Images

49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has no injury designation for Sunday’s home game against the Dolphins, and for good reason. Nearly three weeks after suffering a high ankle sprain, he’s ready to go.

“Ankle is feeling really good right now,” Garoppolo told reporters on Friday. “Got the last couple of weeks off to get it right. The training staff, I tip my hat to those guys, they did a great job with me, just preparing me and everything. But as far as getting out there, I mean, we’ve had the whole week to work on it. So it’s feeling pretty good right now.”

Garoppolo explained that he now understands the difference between a normal ankle sprain and a high ankle sprain.

“I’ve had normal ankle sprains, never had a high ankle sprain,” Garoppolo said. “So this was a first and I kind of just thought it was going to be like a normal ankle sprain that I could come back and just trying to get myself mentally prepared each week. So I was kind of talking to myself, telling myself, ‘Hey, I could play this week. I’ll be all right.’ And just, it took a little time, but I’m glad to be back out there with the guys. It feels great.”

That’s good news for the 49ers, because time ran out on backup Nick Mullens, who had a horrible showing last Sunday night against the Eagles. Garoppolo thinks that the offense will be ready to go.

“As far as just being with the guys and calling plays, running plays, we got into a rhythm pretty quickly,” Garoppolo said. “It didn’t take very long, but, yeah, it just takes a little while to warm it up.”

The 2-2 49ers need Garoppolo to heat up and to deliver a win. After this weekend, they’ll embark on a seven-game gauntlet that goes like this: Rams, at Patriots, at Seahawks, Packers, at Saints, at Rams, Bills.