Kansas City creates a Joe Delaney Day

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Regular visitors of this corner of the digital world know that, every June 29, we remember Chiefs running back Joe Delaney. Delaney died in 1983 while trying to save three drowning children in Louisiana.

Delaney has never gotten the recognition that his ultimate act of selflessness demands. That’s changing, at least in one way.

Via Vahe Gregorian of the Kansas City Star, Mayor Quinton Lucas has proclaimed October 30 to be Joe Delaney Day in Kansas City.

That’s a great gesture, albeit long overdue. Here’s hoping that others (like the NFL itself) find a way to make sure all football fans know what Joe Delaney did.

We’ll continue to commemorate the anniversary of sacrifice every June. Every year, we hear from people who had never heard the story.

13 responses to “Kansas City creates a Joe Delaney Day

  1. Awesome. Better late than never, but this man deserves a lot more recognition still. RIP Mr. Delaney, you were a credit to mankind and we love you.

  2. Florio is 100 percent on this one.

    Truly puzzling the nfl has never acknowledged this properly,…… meanwhile they create a month long donation for things like nfl LBGTQ month, pink month, …… they sure throw up Pat Tillman whenever it’s convenient press for them.

    Also curious is the date chosen ,…..oct 30th……

  3. I’m glad KC finally done this, to recognize Joe Delaney’s selflessness. I do hope the Chiefs and the NFL will fully embrace it. Oct 30th is a good date too … it’s the wedding anniversary of my late parents.

  4. When there are many athletes who act like selfish jerks, there is Joe Delaney who gave up his life trying to save others. Would Jalen Ramsey do something as noble?

  5. I’ve been guilty of criticizing things that are oft repeated but this is one story that deserves to be told and remembered forever. Nobody ever knows how they will or would react when put in positions of life and death. The people who choose to be selfless when they don’t know what the outcome will be are rare and amazing.

  6. October 30th is Joe’s birthday.

    Joe Delany, a true American hero and whilst this is long overdue, it is a nice gesture.

    Oh, and to the person down voting the comments, you are the exact opposite of Joe Delany. And you know it.

  7. What kind of human being hits thumbs down on this thread? Joe Delaney was what every one of us should be. Words like HERO should be listed in every sentence about him.

  8. So glad you bought Joe to everybody’s attention..thanks Mike you are a hero as well

  9. I agree with about 2 percent of what Florio writes on here anymore. I believe this site has become way too political is some aspects. However, I credit Mike by continuing to bang the drum for Mr. Delaney so he isn’t forgotten and also recognized by the younger generations. I believe the NFL has taken action in part due to Mike’s persistence. It’s an incredibly important story that deserves recognition and attention. Thank You Mike for not letting the NFL And it’s fans to forget him.

  10. i hope the NFL participates by trying to schedule chief home games when the 30th falls on a sunday, monday or thursday.
    go chiefs.

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