Lions lay off employees on business side

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The business realities of COVID-19 have hit another team.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the Lions have laid off a number of staffers in the business side of the operation.

The Lions didn’t specify the number of jobs cut from their 300-person work force.

“Consistent with organizational policy, we will not be issuing comment on internal business matters,” the team said in a statement.

The team just announced that fans won’t be allowed to attend games at Ford Field until at least Nov. 15, and the loss of local revenue around the league has forced other teams to do the same.

“The business, I think, is set up so that you can weather this maybe better than some of the other sports because of the structure of how we share revenue and how we share the revenue in the form of the salary cap with the players,” team president Rod Wood said last month. “But I have no road map for how to deal with this, neither does anybody else, so everything we’re doing is you’re making decisions based upon what you know today.”

Things aren’t going much better on the football side, as they’re 1-3 and they’ve blown double-digit leads in all three losses.

12 responses to “Lions lay off employees on business side

  1. That’s not good news, but not entirely surprising. It will be a while before our health and economy fully bounce back.

  2. I think most Lions fans would agree there’s one particular member of the staff they’d like to see let go. Is the Head Coach considered to be “on business side of the operation”?

  3. You have a commissioner who is making $50 million a year. You have owners who are doubling their wealth in the stock market right now.

    The Ford’s are worth over $1.4 billion. $1.4 BILLION.

    And they’re laying off employees.

    I hope the Lions franchise falls flat on its face until there’s new owners.

  4. Great, billionaire owners get to lay off lower income stadium help to keep their greed going. I’m sure the Fords aren’t hurting financially at all since none of them have ever worked a real job in their life.

  5. So Lions like. Re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic instead of plugging the hole iceberg Patricia has caused. And the band played on……..

  6. They need to lay off the President, GM, Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator! Patricia is a sharp as a bowling ball!

  7. Never good to see anybody lose their job but if it had to happen let’s hope some of them were from the scout team.

  8. I understand company’s that were struggling before the pandemic laying off employees . There’s no excuse for NFL teams who have been making huge profits for years to not support their employees because they will be making a reduced profit not because they are losing money . This just shows that Sheila Ford Hamp the Ford now in charge is just another greedy rich person who cares only about money not people . Sad she was portrayed as the agent of change when she took over but obviously that’s not the case . Just another tone deaf inept Ford taking the Lions down.

  9. The NFL teams with class have all both kept employees hired and maintained their compensation. Loyalty by the team owners/management creates employee loyalty — its not rocket science (no Patricia-related pun intended).

  10. Financial decision’s are not a reason to take cheap shot’s at Matt Patricia. He is the right man for the Lion’s.

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