Patriots have no new positive tests

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The Patriots got good news on COVID-19 testing today.

All of the tests conducted on Patriots players yesterday came back negative, according to multiple reports.

Out of an abundance of caution, the Patriots will continue to work only remotely, rather than report to the team facility. But it is now looking positive that the Patriots’ scheduled game against the Broncos, which has been delayed from Sunday to Monday, will get in this week.

Patriots quarterback Cam Newton and cornerback Stephon Gilmore, probably the team’s two most important players, have both tested positive. But the team’s only other positive test came from practice squad defensive lineman Bill Murray, and it appears the Patriots have avoided the kind of major outbreak the Titans have had.

6 responses to “Patriots have no new positive tests

  1. Fingers crossed the trend continues through the weekend. What do you think people will be saying if that extra day allows Newton to come back? Assuming he’s still asymptomatic, he’s cleared the five day hurdle and now has to post back-to-back negatives. I’ve read the typical asymptomatic recovery is about 10 days, so it’s unlikely, but I do think it would be fun to watch people go nuts like the league had done the Patriots a favor.

  2. We know Cam and Gilmore tested positive… what are the results of the most recent tests? Is Cam testing negative yet??

  3. The tests mean little. As witnessed last week with Stephon Gilmore testing negative, playing in the KC game, and showing up positive on Tuesday. The lack of the ability of the NFL, NFLPA, NFL medical personnel, to understand this is ridiculous. The season appears to be doomed, and they only have themselves to blame. Money is king- not player safety

  4. Good news but I’d say they are not out of the woods yet 10-14 day incubation period….. it’s good they have gone virtual & shut the facility down… hopefully they can get a thorough disinfection of the place & players while away are careful….. Cam & Gilmore should be kept away till after the bye
    Go Pats

  5. Two of the positive tests happened due to Cam. If I were the league and the doctors I would mass test all Patriots that were in contact with Newton hell I’d test them during the game too.

  6. “Cam & Gilmore should be kept away till after the bye” or they could just follow the science and when cleared, they can play.

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