Revised protocols contain broad mask requirements for games in Buffalo, San Francisco

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The NFL issued revised game-day COVID-19 protocols on Tuesday. Those protocols create a significant change when it comes to players on the sidelines in two NFL cities.

“[M]asks will be mandatory for all individuals (including players) on the sidelines in at [sic] Buffalo and San Francisco,” the protocols explain at page 43, footnote 8.

That’s a broad requirement, applying to all players who at any give time are in uniform but not in the game.

Currently, players on the sidelines rarely wear masks, a visual that seems odd at best when juxtaposed against the non-players who are wearing masks on the sideline. For Sunday’s Dolphins-49ers game and for the Week Six Chiefs-Bills game, the league wants everyone on the sidelines to wear a mask at all times.

Whether that actually happens is a different story.

UPDATE 11:30 a.m. ET: The league made masks mandatory in Buffalo and San Francisco for all players not in games prior to the start of the regular season, in early September. Compliance has been extremely spotty, at best. Will that change? We’ll see.

8 responses to “Revised protocols contain broad mask requirements for games in Buffalo, San Francisco

  1. I get the thought behind this, but I question its effectiveness. Other than kickers, punters, backup QBs, and backup O-linemen, players are in and out.

    Are they getting a new mask handed to them every time they come they sub out? Are they supposed to remember where they set down their mask? Or are they just grabbing one, which would greatly increase the chance of spread from anyone who has the virus but hasn’t tested positive?

  2. If it’s been mandatory since the start of the season and nobody has been complying why haven’t there been any punishments from the league? This just further demonstrates what a total joke the league’s COVID policies have been. They haven’t even been enforcing the rules they have in place and many of the policies are contradictory and clearly just for appearances sake.

  3. Don’t get it. Why is the NFL requiring it for only these two games or teams? Shouldn’t it apply to all games, all teams?

  4. Optics.

    The league is more concerned with appearing to protect the players than it is actually protecting the players.

  5. Before folks complain about coaches and players having to wear mask,IDK. I want to see football till Feb 2021 and if this is what its going to take….just do it. Besides its meant for everyones safty & they get paid millions.

  6. “We realize players wearing masks on the sideline does absolutely nothing, but we want to make it clear who is in charge here.”

  7. Since it’s only two places, it’s obviously a local and/or state requirement that the league has likely been hearing about. It’d be pretty dumb and terrible optics if they had to rearrange or relocate games because players in those locations won’t do something as simple as wear a mask on the sideline.

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