Ron Rivera has “no trepidation” about playing Alex Smith

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It has taken 17 surgeries and almost two years for Alex Smith to get this close to playing again. He will serve as the Washington Football Team’s backup quarterback to Kyle Allen on Sunday.

It marks the first time Smith will dress for a game since he departed the field on a cart on Nov. 18, 2018, with a compound fracture to his right leg.

The question is: Is Smith ready to return to game action?

“I have no trepidation having him come in and play if that’s what happens,” Washington coach Ron Rivera said, via John Keim of ESPN.

Washington made Smith inactive for the first four games. But Rivera not only benched Dwayne Haskins but demoted the former first-round choice to third string for this week’s game.

Smith played for Norv Turner in 2006 when Turner was offensive coordinator in San Francisco. Turner’s son, Scott, is the offensive coordinator in Washington.

Smith’s knowledge of the offense made him a better choice as Allen’s backup than Haskins, Rivera said.

“He understands it and I want to put the ball back in the hands of somebody who’s been in it,” Rivera said.

18 responses to “Ron Rivera has “no trepidation” about playing Alex Smith

  1. Ron Rivera’s occupation is Football Coach. But his job is to win football games. There’s been an impressive list of Washington head coaches who haven’t been able to win under Dan Snyder. So Rivera will likely be fired some day in the not so distant future. Ron Rivera is also battling cancer. He’s showing up for work every day. The job is stressful enough to begin with. The coach is battling for his life while he’s working. He understands that tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. So if Alex Smith is good to go, he’s by far the best QB in Washington. By far. Rivera’s job is to win football games. I take Rivera at his word.

  2. He shouldn’t. Smith is a really good quarterback and an asset to any team he’s on. Can’t wait to see him play again and I’m not even a Washington fan

  3. I say if the Football Team is losing big this Weekend Alex Smith gets in. If so incredible accomplishment for him. I just wish it was in front of a packed house of Football fans.

    I root for another NFC east team. But as a fan of the sport got to give a guy his due. Good luck Alex.

  4. Best of luck, Mr. Smith. You have my admiration & respect. (not that anyone ever asks me)

  5. Just got done watching the E60 about his ordeal and I think it’s insane he might actually play again. I don’t know how your leg could ever be strong enough after that type of injury and the subsequent infection.

  6. I have no idea why they’re starting Kyle Allen over Alex Smith, but I have to assume it’s because they feel like he still isn’t quite ready yet.

  7. I have no doubts anymore that Smith will play. The reason he demoted Haskins to 3rd string was to move Smith up to #2. That allows Smith to mentally get ready, to understand that he will likely be playing this year.

    The reason he didn’t move Smith up to #1 right now is to give him a few weeks to get ready. Local reports are that he’s a bit rusty. But he is the best QB on the roster.

    Rivera is no dummy. He knows what Kyle Allen is. Therefore, he knows that he will likely need to be pulled at some time this season.

    Enter Alex Smith.

  8. I hope #11 gets on the field and some fans will actually be in attendance to see it.

    In Ron I trust. Hail.

  9. Mr. Rivera, get yourself well. The QB position is mind and mechanics and Haskins is not nearly getting the mental part right, let alone the mechanics, which need a ton of work too. Maybe someday, but as of now WFT risked losing every game if he stayed on as the signal caller. Smith has won pressured games and is ready to roll. Division is there for the taking by any of the four clubs. Smart, decisive action by Ron, to be applauded.

  10. If he’s physically ready, play him. Unless they’re tanking to get Trevor Lawrence. This team is so weak between injuries, old age and lack of offensive talent I doubt anyone could change their direction all that much. New name, new coach, but same old mediocre record. Sadly. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  11. If I’m Alex Smith I rehab myself back to the best health possible and then retire. He has a lot of life ahead of him and I just don’t see how risking a second injury – which could be catastrophic – is worth it on a mediocre football team going nowhere.

  12. “The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” ~Ernie Hemingway

  13. re CarlosWLassiter
    ALex Smith is a professional athlete.
    they dont look to go thru years of rehab to just retire once they get into playing condition.

  14. If Ron Rivera means what he says then Alex Smith would’ve been starting from Day One. They’re clearly tanking for next year’s draft, otherwise there’s no logical reason to bury Alex Smith #3 on the depth chart if he’s healthy enough to play.

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