Steve Keim: Cardinals stars have not played like stars

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The Cardinals have lost two straight games and their General Manager is looking to the team’s marquee players to help turn things around in the coming weeks.

Steve Keim made an appearance on 98.7 Arizona Sports on Friday and said that he’s “very disappointed” with how the team has been playing. He also said that he thinks the players at the top end of the salary scale need to do more in order for the team to start winning again.

“To be quite frank with you, we’ve got a lot of guys making a lot of money, and that’s how you build the roster — you have to allocate the money in particular spots — and when you see players who are making an exorbitant amount of money, those players have got to be productive,” Keim said. “In my opinion, our stars have not played like stars.”

Cornerback Patrick Peterson is in that group and Keim has “got to play better” than he has over the first weeks of the season. Edge rusher Chandler Jones and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald have also gotten off to slow starts, which resulted in Keim saying “we’ve got to get them both involved” in future games.

The next game is against the Jets, who shut down their facility Friday after a presumptive positive case of COVID-19. There’s been no talk about delaying Sunday’s game and the Jets are waiting for the results of a retest to confirm the initial finding.

8 responses to “Steve Keim: Cardinals stars have not played like stars

  1. Keim’s gonna go down as one of the worst GMs to ever GM. Hiring a career losing college coach to coach a pro NFL team. I mean holy crap.

  2. Peterson has been awful. Shying away from any contact. Always two steps behind the receiver. His interception last week was a terrible overthrow. Listening to the “C team” announcers rave about him after that pick was ridiculous. This is all a long way of saying I won’t be surprised when Keim announces a mega extension for him in a few weeks. Go Cards!

  3. It almost feels like P2 is playing to “save” himself from injury during this contract year, rather than “prove” himself”? While Budda Baker is flying around the field making tackles and plays justifying his recent upgraded contract… I don’t get it???

    Chandler was talking about breaking the sack record before the season, and he has what, one sack in 4 games? Granted, opposing offenses are focused on stopping one of the best and thus stunting his production. But Vance J might consider mixing things up to free him up more.

    As for Larry, the gross over throw by Kyler early in the game last week kinda made a statement… Larry is fine. This is a K2 issue which he will take care of.

  4. When you have a long list of guys “making a lot of money” who are underperforming it’s frequently the fault of the person who decided to pay them all that money. If Keim can’t make that connection, I’m pretty sure ownership eventually will.

  5. Keim throwing the players he drafted and signed under the bus again. He should have been fired with Wilkes

  6. What stars on that team? Stars are supposed to be the best in the league. Right now you have overhyped frauds who are playing like individuals and the team is awful.

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