Tom Brady’s mental mistake dooms Buccaneers

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It’s entirely possible that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady ran straight to the locker room after Thursday’s 20-19 loss to the Bears because of a commitment to respect the league’s COVID-19 protocols that prohibit post-game interactions within six feet of opposing players. It’s also possible he simply wanted to get the hell out of Dodge.

The latter explanation makes plenty of sense given the GOAT’s commission of a goat-in-a-bad-way mistake on the final Tampa Bay drive of the game, when he threw an inaccurate pass well down the field on fourth and five, thinking it was third and five.

Unless Brady was trying to pull a these-aren’t-the-droids-you’re-looking-for ruse on the officials, Brady’s placement of four fingers in the air and his interactions with the folks in black and white stripes reflect that he thought he had another down. He did not.

He also didn’t lose track of the downs because he’d spiked the ball to stop the clock during the four downs before the last snap. Contrary to the lifeline from Troy Aikman, there was no down wasted in that sequence to conserving time.

It’s an inexcusable mistake for any starting quarterback. It becomes even more inexcusable when the starter’s brains and experience are two of his biggest selling points.

It will be very interesting to hear how Brady and coach Bruce Arians handle this one with reporters. Arians didn’t hesitate to call Brady out after Tampa’s only other loss of the season. Will Arians publicly chastise Brady for making a very unBradylike blunder?

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  1. I don’t think that Aikman was offering Brady a lifeline; I think he was just sharing the easiest way to lose track of the downs.

  2. Reminded me of Hoyer ending the half with a the sack inside FG range while signaling for a nonexistent fourth time out.

  3. Can’t wait till the “Mouth That Roared” Arains comments on Brady. This is exactly what happens when the media and pundits build up a coach, player (whether Brady or Gronk) only to see them fail. Actually embarrassed in this case. Bruce usually puts his foot in his mouth pre and post game and it should be great entertainment.

  4. The sideline marker was wrong as he got up to the line. If a player was open just beyond the line to gain, I’m sure he would have tried to hit him. There wasn’t, he tried what he thought gave him a chance to get the first down & failed. His response will be that He is moving onto the next game.

  5. Haha, this is worse than McNabb not knowing overtime rules. At least OT is rare and they changed the rules.
    Time to go, Tommy. Been time, actually. But that great NE defense allowed you to hang around and fool people. But not me, all of your stats have been on a noticeable decline the last 4 years. You should have rode off into the sunset after your last SB like Manning because both of you looked less than mediocre in those games and Manning is my dude! Jordan had a few moments with my Wizards, but overall it was a dud just like Tompa. Time for you and Brees to hang it up and let these young guns take over. You served us well and you norh were great, but your time has come.

  6. That last play where Brady thought he had another down is NOT why the Bucs lost. The Bears won with a great defense. Can’t you give credit where credit is due?

  7. If you think that was the mistake that doomed the Bucs in this game you weren’t paying attention.

  8. To0m Brady needs to call it a day and bounce his millions of dollars on his knee as if they were his grandkids.

  9. No he won’t. He realizes now how fragile TB can be.

    They will both lie. One to protect the other, and the other because he is used to it.

  10. I would suggest to Brady to start taking Ginkgo Biloba.
    It works great, the trick is remembering to take it.

  11. Wow I cannot remember Brady ever making a mental mistake like that. Based on the tape he definitely thought he had another down. Big mistake.

  12. This is kind of like when I walk into another room to get something and then ask myself “What did I want in here?”

  13. But Brady and Gronk are having fun, right? I have never seen Gronk, while in NE, have a look of “WTF”, as he did last night. He came out of retirement to be a JAG?

    Even in his last season in NE, where injuries were slowing him down, he still came up with big, downfield, plays. He also had one of the greatest blocking seasons, by a TE, you will ever see. He was a snowplow.

    The Brady / Belichick argument is boring. Maybe, guys like Brady and Gronk’s, true talent, comes out in a disciplined atmosphere.

    Last year you Winston, turn the ball over 40 times. as we saw last night, the offensive penalites in the biggest spot (as they also did against New Orleans)? There is a pattern in TB that lends itself to absolute nonsense.

    But Brady and Gronk are having fun, right?

  14. Did anyone see Tom yell at his lineman for not pass blocking, not doing his job. Yet, Mr. Tom confused 3rd down for 4th down and lost the team the game. I’ve never seen karma work so fast.

  15. Can’t understand how the so called experts think the Saints, Bucs, and Patriots are contenders. They are not they are pretenders.

  16. In 20 yrs, Brady never even came close to making this kind of mental error. And him & Arians are lying thru their teeth if they say they knew it was 4th down.

  17. Brady makes one mistake and you overlook TERRIBLE offensive line play; STUPID penalties; awful defensive coaching with no adjustments (typical Todd Bowles); usual inept officiating (required replay to get obvious catch-fumble right; failed to call low hit on Brady; failed to call obvious facemask, and more that I can’t specifically remember). Arians, who I like, failed by hiring Bowles in the first place – lots of defensive talent but no DC coaching talent!

  18. Yea Tom knew. He was just signaling over to Noles clarifying how many were in his party for dinner reservation..

  19. Foles: “And when you’re done cutting the lawn, my car could use a wash.”
    Brady (with head down): “Yes sir.”

  20. How did that mistake “doom” the Bucs? Had he known it was fourth down, he somehow would have completed the pass??

  21. The defense allowing the Bears multiple opportunities to get back in the game was their biggest mistake. Foles is definitely clutch as hell if nothing else. Don’t give him a chance to seal the game. NE knows this better than anyone.

  22. johnqlunchbox says:
    October 9, 2020 at 1:49 am
    To0m Brady needs to call it a day and bounce his millions of dollars on his knee as if they were his grandkids.

    Did you say that the last 3 games?

  23. It’s amazing how fast the narrative can change.

    5 days ago he throws 5 tds and looks great.
    Actually looked pretty good the last 3 games

    Now they lose a game by ONE point on the road and “he’s back to being done”

    As of today his team is tied for first place
    He’s tied for third in passing yards
    Tied for third in TD passes
    Has almost a 3-1 td to int ratio , also puts him at the top
    In the top 3 for completions 20 or more yards down field
    In the top 3 in yards 20 or more yards down field

    This is just another example of OVERREACTING to one game.

  24. Brady had better take his anger out on the Packers, otherwise the Bucs are going to fall to 3-3

  25. chillyball says:
    October 9, 2020 at 8:58 am
    Florio puts in a 1977 Star Wars reference.

    I laughed at the same thing, after I laughed at Brady’s mental error.

  26. Bucs’ need to rethink their 2 min offense, it was awful to watch. They handed the game way in the last 2 min of the 1st half. Even after the turnover just before the half the Bucs had 40 odd seconds and 2 timeouts, that is more than enough time to get within FG range. They had a total of 3 possessions in the last 2 mins of both halves and couldn’t anything with it. Ronald Jones was averaging more than 6 yards and yet the run pass ratio was 1:2. Todd Bowles and BA are excellent coordinators but they don’t have the feel for the game like BB does.

  27. You think there is a possibility Brady got a concussion He got slammed to the Ground numerous times throughout the Game.

  28. It’s not that Brady really thought it was 4th down. He just thought no way it could be over. He is the king of getting second chances. Like tuck rule, D Ford, Ravens dropped pass, Ravens missed FG, SD DB fumble, Carroll, Atlanta, Jacksonville, etc. Goat, not so much. The Loat is more like it.

  29. refs beat the bucs with the bs roughing the passer call, not he bears, brady will be fine and the bears are quite possibly the worst 4-1 team ever

  30. “If Tampa cant beat the Packers next week, they will be at 3-3. The media will feast.”

    Ever since he signed there I’ve been waiting for a general consensus to develop on how good they should be. But I still don’t have the vibe that even the team really has a feel for that. “Playoff team” is a given but how much beyond that is realistic? They have some talent but they did not look “just a QB away” last year and they have obvious holes. And how much longer do they think he’ll play? You’d assume they’d have some sort of short-term 2 or maybe 3 years at max plan but do they really?

  31. Foles owns Brady and lives in his head.

    Interesting take given Brady has better numbers than Foles in both losses.

  32. It’s not that Brady really thought it was 4th down. He just thought no way it could be over. He is the king of getting second chances. Like tuck rule, D Ford, Ravens dropped pass, Ravens missed FG, SD DB fumble, Carroll, Atlanta, Jacksonville, etc. Goat, not so much. The Loat is more like it.

    This is the biggest sore loser comment I have ever read. Every single football game includes dropped passes and missed FGs but only Brady is the beneficiary of these? I seem to remember plenty of things going against Brady in big games like Tyree, missed FGs, missed XPs, etc. Just because Lamar Jackson can’t win playoff games and will never be in the same league as Mahomes, doesn’t mean you have to take it out on Brady.

  33. I don’t think the 4th down error by Tom is as bad as the press conferences that followed. Think about it. How does the rest of the team feel when they watch their supposed “leader” not own up but he’s ok to undress his OL on national tv? And BA was even worse. The whole team knows he thought it was 3rd down. I would think both those guys lost the rest of the team with that.

  34. For those calling Brady a sore loser, just remember that being a sore loser is the flip side of being a fierce competitor. Don’t win six Super Bowls, first one his first year as a starter (not even a full year) without hating losing more than anything on earth.

  35. nite2al says:
    October 9, 2020 at 10:39 am
    It’s not that Brady really thought it was 4th down. He just thought no way it could be over. He is the king of getting second chances. Like tuck rule, D Ford, Ravens dropped pass, Ravens missed FG, SD DB fumble, Carroll, Atlanta, Jacksonville, etc. Goat, not so much. The Loat is more like it.


    He’s led Pats to a 4th qtr/OT lead in ALL NINE SBs. That ain’t luck. He’s had plenty of bad luck to go with the good. Same as anyone else.

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