Report: A Chiefs strength and conditioning coach tests positive

Getty Images

With multiple NFL virus hot spots seemingly under control (for now), another potential problem is emerging.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that “a strength and conditioning coach in Kansas City” has tested positive for COVID-19.

This report could encompass any of three Chiefs coaches: Strength and conditioning coach Barry Rubin, assistant strength and conditioning coach Greg Carbin, and strength and conditioning assistant Travis Crittenden.

Given that strength and conditioning coaches tend to have access to players in a confined space, this news is perhaps even more alarming than it would be for a player testing positive. Schefter says that contact “[t]racing is ongoing.” For any strength and conditioning coach, the potential universe of close contacts could be significant.

Assuming the positive test arose from Friday PCR testing, the Saturday PCR tests (with results coming later today/tonight/early morning based on proximity to the lab) now become critical to spotting a potential outbreak.

Even if everyone tests negative today, others could still be in the incubation period. By Sunday, they could be shedding virus.

On Sunday, the Chiefs are due to host the Raiders.