Titans have no new positives, set to reopen facility Saturday

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The Titans are set to reopen their facility after closing it nearly two weeks ago because of a COVID-19 outbreak in the organization.

Saturday morning brought multiple reports that the team’s latest round of testing had no new positive results. That was the second day in a row that all testing was negative and the team is expected to open their facility for a practice on Saturday.

The team has placed 12 active roster or practice squad players on the reserve/COVID-19 list over the last two weeks. Their Week Four game against the Steelers was rescheduled for later in the season and this week’s game against the Bills was moved to Tuesday.

Changes to the schedule have not been the only response from the league to the outbreak. The NFL is also looking into whether the team violated protocols put in place to halt the spread of the coronavirus and could hand out penalties based on their findings.

7 responses to “Titans have no new positives, set to reopen facility Saturday

  1. Great news! Hopefully this ends the problems for the Titans and they learned their lesson. This virus is no joke and you must follow ALL the NFL protocols.

    The Titans front office and ALL THEIR COACHES AND PLAYERS should be severely punished for not following protocols and nearly causing a halt to the NFL season.

  2. Yeah good news. Otherwise the NFL and the rest of the teams would need to bend over backwards for the Titans incompetence.

  3. I’m glad the game is still going on. And I don’t care about the short timeframe to prepare for KC.

    This is a crazy year, and we all want football. The teams that prevail will be the ones that can roll with last-minute changes and adjust. You play when they tell you to play, with whoever you have.

  4. The Bills should not be in a position where they don’t know who to prepare for or when a game is going to be played. This could derail a great year in the making for Buffalo. Tennessee should forfeit the game if they can not play as scheduled.

  5. NFL is doing a good job with the virus.
    So many said there would be no season.
    Or said it will be cancelled

    Yes the virus sucks, but the NFL has done a decent job managing that.
    The few cases have been handled, and protocols modified to increase safety.

    Sure there may yet be a game or 2 missed this year, but overall good job NFL.
    I’m usually a criticizer of the league office and Goodell , but credit is due.
    At least so far, Roger gave us a season in 2020, no small feat.

  6. Let’s pray the Titans don’t get anymore positives or else they’ll take away a Bills first rounder.

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