Alex Smith knew he was back after taking Aaron Donald for a ride

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On Sunday, Washington quarterback Alex Smith ended a journey of nearly two years by returning to action following a badly-broken leg suffered in 2018. After his first game action since a horrific and gruesome injury that nearly claimed his leg and his life, Alex Smith talked by phone to PFT regarding his return to the field.

He said he first became “confident” that he’d be able to play again in the past 6-8 weeks, when he was cleared to practice in helmet and pads. But there was a caveat: Because there were no preseason games (and because quarterbacks aren’t subject to contact in practice), Smith had yet to be hit.

How did he feel after being knocked around a bit?

He said it was a “strange” feeling, because “I spent so much of last two years trying not to fall down.” He then tried his best to not fall down when Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald was on Smith’s back. Down Smith went (really, who wouldn’t?), but the moment left him feeling good about where he is.

So where does he go from here?

Smith said he wants to keep working toward gettg into his form from two years ago, before the injury. Still only 36, Smith could have plenty of good years left.

7 responses to “Alex Smith knew he was back after taking Aaron Donald for a ride

  1. I am not wishing Alice Smith well. I divorced my Washington Numbskins the moment that he was picked up – this guy is all hype and no substance. He pads stats in the regular season and disappears when it matters. He just is awful with the Washington team – he has never brought the team from behind with them and his terminated year was a product of beating bad teams and losing to good ones. His salary is what they would have ended up paying Kirk Cousins without any upside potential. The fact he is a sob story is unmoving to me. He was awful today and don’t blame it on the raid. On a clear day he is still Captain Checkdown.

    What should shock the limited fans of this franchise that are left is the team has no defense after throwing mega first rounders at it; it has no offensive line after allowing it to just wither on the vine, and despite the throwing a first rounder after a seventh round quality Ohio State hack, there is no starting caliber QB on this team.

    This team is putrid. It might not win again. And it will squander its high draft pick on a gaudy name without making the team better – again.

  2. Smith is a check down QB but all he did was win. He won in KC with a horrible defense. Now, I don’t think he’s a SB QB but definitely a get you to the playoffs QB.

    It’s not like he went to Washington to be a long term answer. You hope the guy behind him learns and takes a little away from Smiths winning ways and experience.

  3. Cant wait to see what Alex can do with a full week of practice with the first team.

  4. I had my heart in my mouth when he took those couple of steps with Aaron Donald on his back, I was so scared his leg would just snap again under the weight. Thankfully it didn’t, and honestly, they might as well have closed voting for comeback player of the year right there and then, to be honest, because nobody is going to vote for anything else. If he can take the big man for a short ride, it means he really is back healthy. Amazing story, hope he gets back into the groove of things quickly.

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