Dak Prescott carted off with lower leg injury

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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott appeared to seriously injure his right ankle in Sunday’s game.

Prescott was scrambling when Logan Ryan tackled him, and Prescott’s ankle got caught awkwardly in the turf.

He was carted off with 6:33 remaining in the third quarter. The Cowboys immediately ruled him out.

Prescott clearly was in tears, biting on a towel, as his teammates greeted him after he was placed on the cart. He held up a fist to the crowd as they gave him a standing ovation.

Prescott has never missed a game in his career. He won the job as a rookie after Tony Romo was injured in a preseason game, and the former Cowboys quarterback was in the booth calling the game for CBS.

Prescott was 14-for-21 for 166 yards and an interception. He had 450 passing yards in each of the past three games.

He is playing this season under the $31.4 million franchise tag.

Andy Dalton replaced Prescott, inheriting a 24-23 lead over the Giants. The Cowboys scored a touchdown on an Ezekiel Elliott run three plays later.

54 responses to “Dak Prescott carted off with lower leg injury

  1. Should of signed the contract. Works out for some but not everyone. Tough break for him.

  2. The look on Jerry Jones face said “thank God I didn’t sign him to a new long term deal”.

  3. I cant stand Dallas but I hate to see this happen to anybody! Hoping for a full recovery!

  4. He’s out for the season. Fortunately for the Cowboys, Andy Dalton is there.

  5. Honestly, Dak is not a great franchise quarterback. Now they might be in a position to draft the real deal in the next draft. I’m excited to see what Andy Dalton does down in Dallas.

  6. Devastating…..he was having a great year.

    Screw the contract situation, this is about a good solid leader getting back to his team. I watched him on Mic’ed up last week and I was really impressed with his leadership.

  7. This is why most guys don’t hesitate to take those long term contract offers.
    Prescott won’t be hurting for money, but he won’t be getting offered anything near $30 million for next season.

  8. If your boyfriend

    -has 0 playoff wins
    -has 53 fumbles
    -is 7-24 vs teams over 500
    -has no heart and no desire to win
    -has started 5-6 in 3 of his first 4 seasons
    -has the IQ of a potato
    -ignores open recievers and makes everyone around him worse

    Then you’re dating Carson Wentz

  9. alex smith come back. often injured tony romo broadcasting. jason garrett across the sidelines. what a game

  10. Right away with the Kaepernick nonsense. Dalton is a better option by far. People sure have a selective memory when it comes to Kaepernick. Go watch some film of his last 15 or 20 starts. Doing that will show people why Kaepernick isn’t in the league. Add in his extremism and no one will want him, even for a back up.

  11. Get well Dak. Hate to see that stuff. Talk shows tomorrow will be all over whether that was his last play as a Cowboy.

  12. I am feeling for Dak right now. Now he is in a terrible spot with an major ankle injury during a contract year. Hope he makes a full recovery, seems like a a good dude.

  13. I am sorry for Dak. May not be the best quarterback but he is a winner and a competitor.

    Dallas in the other hand?… not America’s Team.

  14. Official word. Right ankle injury. Being transported to a local hospital. Eagles fan fan here wishing him well. Hope it’s not to bad.

  15. Well, at least the Cowboys will have a built in excuse for their loss in the first round of playoffs. Assuming that Prescott’s season is done, iff you are the Cowboys do you still franchise tag Prescott? Do you let him become an UFA?

  16. Huge Eagle’s fan here. I cringed when I saw this live.
    Get well and come back soon, Dak.
    It is only fun to beat your opponent when they are at their best

  17. This why players hold out was he was under drafted ain’t done nothing but put up numbers was never hurt and they didn’t pay him now he’s really hurt.

  18. jason6271 says:
    October 11, 2020 at 6:51 pm
    If your boyfriend

    -has 0 playoff wins
    -has 53 fumbles
    -is 7-24 vs teams over 500
    -has no heart and no desire to win
    -has started 5-6 in 3 of his first 4 seasons
    -has the IQ of a potato
    -ignores open recievers and makes everyone around him worse

    Then you’re dating Carson Wentz

    He also has a ring. And you’re a lousy troll .

  19. Gruesome injury. QBs can’t take on tacklers in the NFL. Watch Russell Wilson avoid hits,he wised up and knew the smart way to scramble and get down.

  20. He’s an excellent quarterback and the injury was truly unfortunate. With that said I’m not signing him to a 7-year $300M contract with over $200M in guarantees.

  21. Unreliable, worsy QB ever!The Cowboys should just let him go and some idiot team like the Bears should sign him. Man would I hate that to happen

  22. With Franchise tag, when you bet on yourself, sometimes you lose. The rumored 5 year/175M contract is probably off the table, but I am sure he will still get a 100M+ offer. It sucks to lose that much money, but he is still very rich.

  23. A true leader of that team. Such a meaningful player. Rest up and heal young man you have lots more games in you.

  24. Dak will be available by week 13 or 14 at the latest and I don’t think the Cowboys will change QB after what Dalton does up to that point, Dalton’s never seen a decent OL or the offensive talent that Dallas has, look for fireworks after Dalton gets a couple of weeks practice with the starters. I hate to say it but this is one of the best things that could’ve happen for the Boys, Prescott just wasn’t getting it done the last two years, with all of that OL and offensive talent they have, they should be blowing teams out especially teams like the G-Men, this game shouldn’t even have been close!

    And Dak chokes in the big games way too often!

  25. unfortunate injury but let’s face facts..Dakota was a very weak starting quarterback to begin, one who has regressed every year since his rookie season and led his team to a commanding 1-3 record in the softest division in the league—and that one win a fluke against an 0-5 team what just cleared out its front office;

    someone once said you are what your record says you are and Prescott’s is no exception;

    how he deluded himself into thinking he could parlay that sham record into a better contract than the one he turned down this summer is, well, consistent with his decision-making on the field;

    now that same faulty decision-making has cost him his job in Dallas—now Jerry’s is free to ride Cincinnati’s old red headed stepchild QB into a quarterback-laden 2021 draft where he can select a plum he pay a quarter of what Prescott turned down;

    hopefully Prescott banked his one year salary cap earnings because he will be going door-to-door begging for a backup tryout by time he heals;

  26. How many times have I said to not do the running back job when you are not a running back. If you want that job try out for it. QB’s are nearly always way too important to be losing for these kind of plays. It has happened to the best. Was this worth is to throw away more of your season dallas?

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