If NFL moves Broncos-Patriots to next week, Broncos-Dolphins is in jeopardy

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The NFL is hoping that it will only have to postpone, and not cancel, games when teams have COVID-19 outbreaks. But today’s postponement of this week’s Broncos-Patriots game raises the possibility that next week’s Broncos-Dolphins game will ultimately be canceled.

The NFL has not yet announced when Broncos-Patriots will be played, but multiple reports say it will move to next week, when the Patriots were scheduled to be on their bye and the Broncos were scheduled to play the Dolphins.

If that happens, what becomes of the Broncos-Dolphins game? Looking ahead at the schedule, it’s hard to find a good way to reschedule that game. Moving it to the Dolphins’ bye in Week 11 would then require moving the Broncos’ Week 11 game, which would knock over a lot of other dominoes in the NFL schedule.

It could simply be that Broncos-Dolphins will end up being canceled. The NFL would prefer not to cancel any games, but if it does have to, it would prefer to cancel games between teams that aren’t playoff contenders. The Patriots are expected to be in playoff contention, while the Broncos and Dolphins are not, and the NFL may ultimately decide that if a game has to be canceled, to make it a lesser game.

13 responses to “If NFL moves Broncos-Patriots to next week, Broncos-Dolphins is in jeopardy

  1. i’m against cancelling a game no matter who it is. Tie breakers include strength of schedule.

  2. So broncos play pats week 6, week 8 play chargers, then week 11 play the dolphins? Dolphins bye moves to week 6, that should work

  3. Just cancel the season. The product this year is terrible, and too many guys getting hurt most likely due to no preseason

  4. Makes sense. Punish the Dolphins because the Patriots have more positive tests. Is there a way they can also punish the Bills with this?

    The Patriots are 1 game ahead of the Broncos and Dolphins. It’s a bit early to declare that they’re more likely to be in contention 12 weeks form now. Lot’s of things can happen.

  5. Seems like a semi easy enough fix – Rams and Cardinals need to move both their Dec 6th and Jan 3rd games up to Nov 1 and Nov 8. So on Nov 1 Miami would play Denver (originally they were to play the Rams) and Rams vs Cardinals play. Nov 8: Miami would play Cincy (Mia was to play Ariz on Nov 8 and Mia and Cincy were to play Dec 6. Cincy was on a bye on Nov 8 but that bye now moves to Dec 6). The Rams would play the Cardinals again Nov 8. On Dec 6: Miami plays the Rams (or Cardinals) and the other gets a bye (and Cincy gets a Bye) and on Jan 3 Miami plays the Rams (or Cardinals) and the other one gets a bye.

  6. So in this scenario, lets end the season for about 20 teams and start a playoff tournament in October.

  7. My first post didn’t work….this does:

    Nov 1 – Mia-Den (from Oct 18); Rams-Cardinals (from Dec 6)
    Nov 8 – Mia-Cin (from Dec 6); Rams-Cardinals (from Jan 3)
    Nov 15 – Mia-Buf (from Jan 3); Ariz Bye, Jets Bye
    Nov 22 – Mia-Jets (from Nov 15)
    Dec 6 – Mia-Ariz (from Nov 8); Cin Bye
    Jan 3 – Mia-Rams (from Nov 1); Buf-Ariz (from Nov 15)

    Not sure how it works the next time there is COVID cancelation.

  8. This is what happens when you don’t isolate the players & team personnel away from the outside world (including family & friends) for the entire season.

  9. The only logical thing to do is forget this game, make it up later, but do not disrupt next week’s games as scheduled. Why would you add 2 more teams to rescheduling?

  10. Why should every other team pay for another team having positive tests. This is quickly becoming a mess. If one team has positives, have them forfeit the game instead of rescheduling. However, this is the Patriots and they get away with everything.

    Make the Titans and Patriots forfeit games until there are no positive tests. If other teams are following the rules why shouldn’t the Titans and Patriots and if they can’t then they forfeit the game.

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