Jimmy Garoppolo pulled for C.J. Beathard after ugly first half

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After an ugly first half, the 49ers sent starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the sideline.

C.J. Beathard took the field as the quarterback at the start of the second half against the Dolphins.

Garoppolo has been dealing with an ankle injury, and it’s possible coach Kyle Shanahan just decided to let him rest the ankle after the 49ers fell behind 30-7.

But it may also be that Shanahan didn’t want to see any more from Garoppolo, who was awful in the first half: He completed just 7 of 17 passes for 77 yards, with no touchdowns, two interceptions, a fumble and three sacks.

If Beathard were somehow to lead the 49ers to a comeback victory, he might take the starting job. But this 49ers offense looks like its going nowhere, no matter who is at quarterback.

39 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo pulled for C.J. Beathard after ugly first half

  1. 49ers are done this year, injuries did them no favors but that offensive line have been garbage especially Trent Williams

  2. Jimmy G is not a starting QB. He should have played last week against the Eagles to shake off the rust. He is a bum! Now I see why they tried to trade him for Tom Brady…

  3. I’ve officially move Jimmy G to 4th best in the NFC West. #1 Wilson, #2 Murray, #3 Goff. Have a nice day!

  4. He was way overrated anyways. They should get Jamies Winston because how bad can he get from the current one

  5. We’re also seeing a bit of Fitz-magic. Does that mean next week will be Fitz-tragic? He’s due for it.

  6. As an NFL quarterback, Jimmy G is really good looking. Can SFO claw back back any of that money?

    And I think we can finally stop all that Kyle Shanahan “Hall of Fame” nonsense.

  7. Maybe the Niners were just playing over their heads last year?
    I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to figure that out.
    And keep pretending we’re psyched about Garoppolo.

  8. The officials should be wearing 49’ers uniforms in this game. They have made three horrible calls against the Dolphins to keep the Niners in this game. The one on roughing the passer (Beathard) was an absolute joke. The defensive player did not him late nor did he knock him down. He actually grabbed him so he wouldn’t fall down. Yet the official threw a flag. The annoucers glossed it over, but it was a horrible call and the Dolphins coach was right to be livid about it.
    I hate when any game is decided by the officials and this one is clearly one sided for the Niners.

  9. Exactly mary123. Someone is soft in the organization. Either jimmy or Kyle made the call he couldn’t play last week. Big ben would’ve played! High ankle sprain….wah wah!

  10. Glass Jimmy throws a couple of ints and sent to the bench. 49ers are one of the worst teams in the NFL.

  11. Nah, it’s the injuries and offseason departures that destroyed this team. This offense could definitely use Emmanuel Sanders, Joe Staley, Mike Person, and Garrett Celek right now.

  12. “I’ve officially move Jimmy G to 4th best in the NFC West. #1 Wilson, #2 Murray, #3 Goff. Have a nice day!”

    LOL! That’s how those four were rated a year ago at this time.

    If you actually watched JimmyG today, you’d have noticed that he’s still injured and can’t make the throws he’s used to. I don’t believe in him, but Shanahan should not have started him in this condition.

  13. Wait, I thought a certain self-proclaimed Patriots/Football expert called Jimmy G the messiah. The one that got away. The 100% surefire way for Bill to extend his dynasty for another decade and beyond.

    Instead, he’s made of glass and a turnover machine.

  14. It is so easy to imagine the 9ers losing their next 6 games;
    Rams, Pats, Hawks, Packers, Saints, Rams

  15. Imagine having a choice between atom Brady and Jimmy G and choosing Jimmy G. Niners have to be kicking themselves. And the Patriots and Belichick dodged a bullet thanks to Kraft’s intervention to keep Brady. They are much better off with Cam Newton.

  16. Jimmy is Matt Ryan Lite. It ain’t a matter of if he’s gonna screw up. It’s a matter of when

  17. His confidence is gone. Time to move on. Defense has been ravaged by injuries but there is no excuse for Jimmy G when most of his weapons on offense are back.

  18. Keep having your fun LBHawk and kamthechancellor. You guys are just one Dak Prescott-like injury away from having your team’s season go down the tubes too! Prescott like Russell Wilson had never gotten injured….until today.

  19. Now you know why the 9ers pursued Brady in free agency. Like I said the day he was traded, he’s a mediocre starter and a good backup QB. But don’t feel bad for Jimmy, he’s got over $100 mil in the bank.

  20. ” twisted my ankle coach. Need 2 1/2 weeks off” Remember when Steve Young played a whole season with a groin injury? Talking about a scrambling running QB and still played fearless!

  21. As an unofficial member of the Chicago Bears organization, We will trade you, Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace, The McCaskey family, Nick Foles, Mitch Trubisky and Robert Quinn for Jimmy Garoppolo, Kyle Shannon and any other team owner!

  22. I cannot wait for Simms to make all his usual 49ers excuses and for the team to drop out of relevance this year.

  23. Covid 2020 season has a asterisk on it from hell. Niners are injured and can’t get rhythm on either side of the ball. Other teams are experiencing the same thing. Until the Niners get healthy it’s all a wash.

  24. Kyle Shanahans credibility is shot. He’s exposed as a complete fraud lacking in any character or integrity. The Miami game revealed that he threw Nick Mullens under the bus when in fact it was his subpar coaching and play-calling that resulted in that loss. His demotion of probably the best QB on the roster to #3 is evidence that he operates with only his own self-interest and self preservation in mind. These transparent attempts to conceal his ineptitude ie – drafting the likes of CJ Beathard and mismanaging players like Dante Pettis should not go unnoticed by ownership.

  25. It never fails that when Miami wins its because the other teams unlimited excuses and when we lose every says yeah thats just lame old Miami. We beat the 9ers and the refs in that game.

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