NFL hopes to have scheduling clarity later this afternoon

Getty Images

The ongoing situations in Tennessee and New England are forcing the NFL to turn the 2020 schedule into a game of Operation. Later this afternoon, the league is expected to shed more light on the additional surgical procedures needed on the remaining slate of games, given the postponement of Broncos-Patriots from Week Five to Week Six and the potential postponement of Bills-Titans.

Currently, the league is expected to indeed delay Broncos-Patriots by a week.

According to Adam Schefter of, the Broncos then would host the Chargers in Week Eight, which otherwise would have been Denver’s bye.¬†Next, the Broncos would host the Dolphins in Week 11, which currently is slated to be Miami’s bye.

This throws into uncertainty the Jaguars-Chargers game set for Week Eight. As noted by NIck Korte of, the two remaining steps could then consist of the Jaguars-Chargers game moving to Week Seven, with Dolphins-Chargers moving to Week Six.

Whatever the league chooses to do, more information is expected today. For now, the league benefits from the fact that most teams have yet to take their bye weeks. As more and more teams exhaust their annual week off, it will become harder and harder for the league to continue to carve up Cavity Sam.