NFL optimistic Titans outbreak has been contained

Getty Images

Two NFL teams currently are dealing with COVID-19 issues. One is moving in the right direction, the other one isn’t.

The Patriots could be (key words “could be”) on the front end of an outbreak. The Titans should be on the back end of one.

The Titans haven’t reported to the facility for anything but a short practice in nearly two weeks. Thus, the positive generated by a defensive assistant doesn’t trace back to exposure to positive players or staff in the building. It’s possible then, if not likely, that the latest positive resulted from community spread.

As the virus continues to spread in every community, the chances of players, coaches, and other personnel catching the virus away from work will only increase in the coming days and weeks. That’s why the only way to stop spread is to minimize positives.

The only way to do that is with a home-market bubble. The only way for a home-market bubble to happen will be through agreement of the league and the union to put everyone in a hotel for the rest of the season.