Panthers make it three in a row, keep Falcons winless

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The Panthers have won three straight games, and the Falcons still haven’t won a game.

Today’s 23-16 Panthers win in Atlanta was another ugly one for a Falcons team that has been one of this season’s major disappointments. At 0-5, it’s hard to see this Falcons season as anything other than a disaster.

But the Panthers are looking like a pleasant surprise. Teddy Bridgewater was excellent, completing 27 of 37 passes for 313 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Also playing well was running back Mike Davis, who has filled in for Christian McCaffrey without missing a beat. The Panthers are now 3-0 without McCaffrey after starting the season 0-2 with him.

Carolina, which was expected to be a rebuilding team in head coach Matt Rhule’s first season, now looks like a potential playoff contender. The Panthers are building something.

Atlanta, on the other hand, is heading the wrong way in a hurry. Dan Quinn’s job is in jeopardy, and a major rebuild may be coming soon.

12 responses to “Panthers make it three in a row, keep Falcons winless

  1. Matt Ryan – 226 passing yards, zero TDs, one INT. $150M doesn’t buy as much as it used to.

    At least they took the suspense out of the game today so they didn’t have to collapse in the second half.

  2. Three straight wins without their best player…and the Panthers were competitive in the two loses against solid teams (TB and LV).

    Still a lot of football to be played but my Panthers are definitely the most pleasant surprise of the NFL season.

  3. Big shot out to Bridgewater!

    I knew he was competent, but he’s proving he’s starter material.

    Congrats to the Panthers fans, I thought this was a multi year rebuild (given the pieces they lost), happy to have been proven wrong.

  4. Remember when Robby Anderson played for the Jets? Remember when the Jets had Teddy Bridgewater on the roster and decided to give up a lot of draft capital to move up and get Sam Darnold? The Jets should have kept both.

  5. And had they not screwed up with that awful 4th and 1 play call from Week 1, they’d probably be 4-1 right now!

  6. You have to wonder if they would’ve discovered these other skill position players if McAffrey hadn’t gone down to injury.

    That injury may have saved the season.

  7. Two hundred eighty three reasons to fire the coach now. But as a Saints fan, I think Dan should be given until the end of the season before a decision is made.

  8. I don’t work for the Falcons or Bears, but Nick Foles, Mitch Trubisky and Robert Quinn, straight up for Matt Ryan!

  9. “potential playoff contender” Seriously, there is a lot of football to be played yet. Besides they have beat the Chargers (Rookie QB), Arizona ( Who lost to the Lions before playing the Panthers) and Atlanta (who have beat nobody). Yes they are a very young team showing a lot of promise but potential playoff contender. I highly doubt that. Maybe in about 3 years they could be worth talking about but reality will set in soon.

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