Patriots had one new positive test result

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The NFL’s decision to shut down the Patriots’ facility today came as a result of a positive COVID-19 test.

The Patriots got back one positive test “this morning,” Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. The identity of the person who tested positive has not been revealed. (It’s likely that the news of the positive result arrived this morning, due to a PCR sample collected and tested on Saturday.)

Whoever tested positive was the fourth Patriot to submit a positive test in the last eight days, with quarterback Cam Newton, cornerback Stephon Gilmore, and defensive tackle Bill Murray previously testing positive.

The Patriots’ home game against the Broncos had already been delayed from today until tomorrow. It’s not clear now whether that game will be played at all.

6 responses to “Patriots had one new positive test result

  1. The NFL needs to add an 18th Week to the season that would specifically be to make up games lost as much as possible. If only one make-up week is needed, the NFL can simply push the postseason back one week with the Super Bowl still as scheduled, but with only one week between that and the conference title games that precede it.

  2. When you stick a bunch of players in a plane(s), then crowd them in a small locker room in KC, this is bound to happen.

  3. Cut out the bye weeks right now and build in 4-6 off weeks for everyone to have makeup games. Delay the Super Bowl until mid-March.

  4. The NFL needs to add an 18th Week to the season that would specifically be to make up games lost as much as possible

    Yep. That’s a reasonable idea. My question is why wasn’t this implemented before the season? It’s almost like the Goodell had his fingers in its ears, eyes closed, and was living in a cave on Mars for the past 6 months. Goodell is a disgrace, and his lack of foresight combined with the players inability to follow the rules jeopardize the season on a weekly basis.

  5. At this point, maybe the whole leauge should shut down for two weeks and push the entire year back two weeks. You can’t keep trying to delay games, or move them to Tuesday

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