Ravens run over the Bengals

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The Bengals have a lot of work to do if they want to become contenders in the AFC North. The Ravens reminded them of that today.

Cincinnati had been looking better the last couple weeks, but today’s trip to Baltimore was a good, old-fashioned butt-kicking, with the Ravens simply dominating. The Ravens took a 10-0 lead in the first quarter and never looked back, ultimately winning 27-3.

Baltimore got some big plays from rookies, with first-round linebacker Patrick Queen scoring a touchdown on a fumble recovery, second-round running back J.K. Dobbins having a 34-yard run and third-round wide receiver Devin Duvernay having a 42-yard run.

It was a rough day for Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who was under constant pressure and got sacked seven times.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson didn’t have a great game, either, but the Ravens didn’t need him to. They dominated the Bengals in all phases of the game.

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  1. This was one horrible football game. Lamar had two TD throws which will help his stats a bit, but Ravens fans have to be getting very nervous as he was very bad again. Missing throws everywhere as usual. And now he either doesn’t want to run, or is hurt, because he’s not showing any burst. 180 whopping yards, 50% completion, another interception (and there should have been 2 more picks), making the wrong reads… let’s face it, he’s just not that good anymore. He’s not even in the top 10 QBs. And the offense is what, #20 or so in the league?
    Thankfully they get to play in a terrible football division with teams like the Bengals. They look locked in to get the #1 pick again. Wow, are they bad. Burrow looked like a Pop Warner QB unfortunately. I know he’s a rookie and he definitely has a great career ahead but he and the Bengals O line might want to practice what to do when the defense blitzes. Total disaster. His O line at LSU may have been better.

  2. Ravens D-Line should get the game ball. They dominated the game. Despite giving up those points our Defense did pretty good against Jackson. He should’ve had 3 Int’s and was held to about 3 rushing yards.

  3. I love how the narrative now for the Ravens is how they are a “defensive” team and they “run the ball” on offense. Where is all your bluster and chest-pounding and nonsense from last year about your revolutionary offense and unstoppable QB?
    It appears defenses have actually adjusted faster than we thought, and Lamar is regressing more quickly too. That’s not a good combo.
    Lamar was the #25 ranked QB before the Bengals, and with a whopping 180 yards he will fall back even more. Ouch.
    Your #21 ranked offense in the NFL is a real juggernaut.
    Reality hurts sometimes. This team will be lucky to win a playoff game.

  4. Looks like the Steelers will win the division. Lamar will be fine and still believe he is the best QB of his draft class.

  5. Good game Ravens. Was hard to watch how inept the Bengals o-line looked. Our D played decently, but should have had two more interceptions, and Dunlap gets a stupid personal foul to extend an early drive. Oh, and looks like we lost DJ Reader for the year. Situation normal in Cincy.

  6. I’m going to chalk a lot of Jackson’s performance to one day of practice and more importantly an underrated Bengals defense which took advantage of the Ravens’ questionable pass blocking this season. That said, he and the team were really lucky today, he easily could have had 4 interceptions in this one.

  7. Ravens defense is heating up they finally communicating but the offense is ugly 🤢 play calling and Lamar had to get better this is how they started last year though ain’t warm up until mid season.

  8. It is comical reading Ravens’ fans comments about Lamar and their offense. He’s played “fine,” just maybe not at his MVP level. The offense hasn’t been bad, just not “sharp.”
    Are you all watching the same Raven offense everyone else is?
    Lamar is the #26 QB in the league.
    The Ravens offense is #21 in the league.
    That is not bad, that is borderline awful. In fact, the Ravens offense is among the worst in the league.
    Where are all you fans who incessantly pumped up Lamar last year? And your never-before-seen, unstoppable offense?
    Nothing but silence.
    And it’s not just the stats… he only had 1 pick today but there should have been 2 more easy ones dropped by the Bengals. And two more that were possible. He and his receivers are not on the same page. He checks down to Andrews 95% of the time. He can’t throw outside the hashes.
    I hope his knee is not hurt but if he throws for 180 yards and runs for negative 4 yards per game, I’m not sure that qualifies as a QB anymore.

  9. We’re 31st in the league in passing. And this marks the 3rd week in a row now for Lamar looking very pedestrian. Maybe the knee has been an issue longer than the Ravens are leading on. If so, that isn’t good. But I hope he gets healthy soon and cleans up his passing.

  10. Lol must be pretty salty to have a username dedicated to clowning on a player and leave nothing but negative comments about it multiple times on the same article…

  11. Thankfully they get to play in a terrible football division with teams like the Bengals.
    AFC North
    Steelers 4-0
    Raven 4-1
    Browns 4-1
    Bengals 1-3-1
    Tell me again how this is a bad division? Only the NFC West has more wins.

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