Report: Broncos-Dolphins to Week 11, Broncos-Chargers to Week Eight

Getty Images

The NFL has called off the Week Five game between the Broncos and Patriots after the Patriots had another positive COVID-19 test and the plans to reschedule it will impact a couple of other Broncos games.

New England has a bye in Week Six and the NFL’s plan is to move the Broncos-Patriots game to that date. The Broncos were scheduled to host the Dolphins and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the plan is to now play that game in Week 11.

The Broncos were originally scheduled to host the Chargers that week. Per Schefter, that game would now be played in Week Eight because that’s when Denver was set to have their bye week.

What’s unclear is what that would mean for the Jaguars-Chargers game set for Week Eight. The two teams do not have the same bye week.

Tuesday’s game between the Titans and Bills is also not a sure thing to happen and there will be a lot more scheduling gymnastics to do if that game needs to move.