Turf toe healed, Philip Lindsay hopes to get some playing time with Melvin Gordon

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Broncos running back Philip Lindsay suffered turf toe in the first half of Denver’s Week One game against the Titans. He’ll return on Monday against the Patriots to a backfield that includes Melvin Gordon.

Could both be on the field at the same time?

“I would hope to be able to see that on the field throughout the rest of this season because it keeps people off balance,” Lindsay told reporters on Saturday. “It keeps people on edge because you don’t know who’s going to get the ball and it opens lanes for both Mel and I. Hopefully there are going to be packages later down the line with us throughout the season. I’m excited about it. Me being back, I think that brings another element to helping Mel, and Mel brings an element to help me out.”

Lindsay said that his two feels “100 percent,” and that missing some time gave him a fresh perspective.

“You look at things from a different standpoint,” Lindsay said. “It makes you enjoy what you do. It makes you love the game even more because in one split second, you’re not out there anymore. For me, I got to learn and be patient. On top of that, it gave me some time to re-evaluate myself and be around my family and my son. That’s the biggest thing for me, just getting the time with my son. Now, I’m ready to go back out there. I’m fully healed and I’m ready to have some spark plays and get some big plays rolling.”

The Broncos face the Patriots on Monday night.