2020 Browns match win total from 2015-17

Getty Images

These aren’t your father’s Browns. Or even your grandfather’s Browns. Or more importantly your Browns from just a few years ago.

In starting the season 4-1 for the first time since 1994 (when Bill Belichick coached the team), the Browns have done something even more impressive than matching a feat from 26 years ago. They’ve matched their total victories for wins generated in three recent seasons, combined.

The 2015 Browns won three games. The 2016 Browns won one game. The 2017 Browns won zero games. That’s a combined record of 4-44 in three years.

Three years later, they’re 4-1.

“I think we have a ways to go,” coach-of-the-year frontrunner Kevin Stefanski told reporters after Sunday’s win over the Colts. “Obviously, we are in this to win it. We know that every week we are trying to win these games, and they are going to be hard. I think we are thinking about the next one. We will celebrate this one for a few hours here, but the challenge is coming next week, which is how this NFL comes at you every single week. I think our guys understand the focus has to really be week to week, but we will celebrate this one first.”

The next one is a challenge: A trip to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers. Still, with the Bengals and Raiders before the bye (barring COVID-induced scheduling changes), the Browns quite possibly could enter their annual break with a 6-2 record, perhaps 5-3. Possibly 7-1.

The back end of the schedule has winnable games against the Texans, Eagles, Jaguars, and a pair of New York teams as inept as the pair of Ohio teams ever were, even at their worst.

So 10 wins, or more, aren’t out of the question. Which is incredible and long overdue for all Browns fans everywhere.