Dak Prescott’s contract situation becomes even murkier

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For now, the main concern regarding Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is his health. Before too long, however, the focal point once again will become his contract.

The options moving forward are simple, even if the selection of one will hardly be. Prescott will collect the balance of his $31.4 million franchise-tag salary for 2020. After the season ends, that’s when the next phase begins.

The Cowboys will have until the closing of the two-week franchise-tag period in late February/early March to sign Dak to a long-term deal or to apply the franchise tag again. By rule, Prescott will be entitled to a 20-percent raise over his 2020 pay, unreduced by his injury or any other factor.

That’s $37.68 million, in a year that could see the salary cap dip to $175 million — making Dak’s cap number more than 21.5 percent of the salary cap.

The question becomes whether the Cowboys would use the franchise tag if a long-term deal can’t be struck with Dak before the deadline for using it. If there’s no long-term deal, then Dak would become a free agent in March.

Will he be medically cleared in March? Will there be complications or setbacks? These are all factors that will influence whether and to what extent the tag will be in play. (The transition tag, which guarantees only a right to match, would also require a 20-percent raise.)

This could prompt Dak and the Cowboys to work out a deal that takes his health into account. Dak, however, could decide to let things play out, forcing the Cowboys to take the demand for his services elsewhere into account, if they chose not to tag him.

Really, the best way to determine Dak’s market value would be to let him hit the market. That may happen by March. And it could be that someone else may decide to take a chance on a player who may not be 100 percent but who is worth assuming the risk that it may take some time, because his on-field skills and his off-field value more than justifies it.

From the Jets to the Broncos (maybe) to the Jaguars to the Colts to the Lions to the Giants to Washington to the Eagles to the Falcons to the Saints (maybe) to the Buccaneers (maybe) to the 49ers, plenty of other teams will be looking for quarterbacks and would be foolish to not consider making a run at Dak, if the Cowboys fail (again) to sign him and allow him (finally) to see what the market will bear for his services.

28 responses to “Dak Prescott’s contract situation becomes even murkier

  1. Hate to see a guy get injured like that. It’s hard to understand some of the offers Dak and his people turned down but they rolled the dice and it’s gonna cost them.

  2. Sorry to see it Rayne on Dakota’s parade…All jokes aside, hoping for a speedy recovery and he gets the security he deserves regardless of which team signs him.

  3. At this point, it sure seems like he probably should have taken Jerry’s deal that came with $105 million guaranteed… Everyone already thought that, of course, except Dak and his idiot agent. Having said that, its definitely a sad deal and I hope he makes a speedy full recovery.

  4. Dak really effed up here. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard about the cases where somebody bet on himself and it paid off but there’s also guys who bet on himself where it didn’t pay off. Now, Dak just lost all his leverage. His best play here is to re-sign with Dallas a 1-year “Prove It” offer to both show he’s back and to re-establish his value.

    Situation is MUCH more important than the player’s talent. If Dak signs with somebody else like say… the Jets, he’s done. No matter how good he is, that franchise is in such disarray that they’ll break him the same way they broke Le’Veon Bell, Sam Darnold, and many others. And the Jets are not alone in their dysfunctionality, there are many other organizations in the same boat… I see you Detroit.

    Landing in one of those situations is the same as landing in Hades. The contract undoubtably will have “Outs” where the franchise can cut the player with minimal cap damage and when Prescott won’t be able to deliver not because of his own playing ability but because of all the extenuating circumstances he’ll have devalued himself to the point he’ll never sniff a big money contract again. There’s a better chance he’ll be closer to being considered in that “backup” category than he will of remaining in that “franchise” category.

    Re-signing with Dallas and with all that offensive talent around him will give him the chance to re-establish his franchise value. Then, he can sign him big money contract the following year.

    The problem is… Will he get the chance? No doubt Andy Daulton will do very well there the rest of the season with all those playmakers around him which immediately begs to ask… Does Dallas really NEED Prescott and at his $35-40m/yr asking price?

    Only time will tell.

  5. The guy made over 30 million this year and I’ve read his national endorsement money is around 20 million. And yet all you hear on social media is how this guy is in the poor house because he didn’t get a long term deal done.

  6. He gambled and he lost. The Cowboys do not owe him any more than his current contract. Even if he does not play another down of football. He is set for life.

    I highly doubt he will be cleared to play by the time the Franchise tag runs out. If Dalton plays well. There is no chance Dak is a Cowboy next year.

  7. Another option not mentioned is the Cowboys could move up a couple spots in the draft and use the #1 pick on a QB.

  8. I don’t think it’s murky at all. Unless he signs for like half what he wanted they’re going to let him walk. No way they franchise or commit huge bucks in a long-term deal to a guy who is seriously injured that they clearly weren’t ready to sign to a huge deal even when he was healthy. And, to top it all off, there is a pretty good chance Dalton will look good enough and win enough to make people question just how good Dak had been playing.

  9. The bigger question is if Dalton leads them further into the playoffs this year do they even bother overpaying an average QB like Dak or stick with the veteran with the same skill set for less. Dalton was only making $19 million a year with the Bengals and never whines about money.

  10. If I was Dak I would fire my agent for either

    1. Turning down the deal or
    2. Not convincing me enough to take the deal

  11. I wish no ill will on Dak Prescott. His injury was horrific.

    But i agree he rolled the ‘dice’ and he lost. Simple as that.

    The colts moved on from Peyton Manning because they had doubts.

    The cowboys won’t sign Dak to a long term deal even if the numbers are good because a long term deal becomes in effect guaranteed if someones injured. He could easily be injured again.

    2 year contract with cowboys at best. I think they’ll let him walk.

  12. Dallas should let him hit the market and then they can try to match whatever offer he gets. He may not even be ready to play at the start of next season. Do you think other teams would be willing to make a huge commitment to a player who may not even be healthy enough to play???

  13. I can’t blame Dak for not signing the latest offer. Injuries like his are not routine. Yes, they happen, but it would be much, much more likely for them not to occur.

    He was on pace to throw for maybe 6,000 yards. He was playing great. He knew the risks and it seemed like it would work out.

  14. Wish him the best but many on here nailed it.

    Dak got greedy, thinking he was the best QB in the NFL when he’s really about #10.

    He had a contract with $105M guaranteed and $33M a year and decided it was disrespectful?


  15. Hindsight is 20/20, but I can’t understand and won’t understand why he did not sign the latest offer. Sometimes having more then you need is like having nothing at all.

  16. All this talk about security etc are mind boggling.

    All the best to Dak. But 32 mil is not security?

    There are 53 players on a football team….how many make 37 mill over a career? Much less one year…..How many are susceptible to a Career ending or injury like Dak suffered?

    Who cries unfair for them?

    Dak chose to hold out for more money….What he was offered was more than fair and his injury is not an indictment on management nor is he headed for poverty or want if he never plays again.

  17. I would fire the agent today.

    He faield to get you the contract you wanted, yet he gets a % of your franshise deal. Your bracked now for 2021 you have 3 options none take agent.

    #1 you sign long term deal with dallas between Mahomes and Watsons deals
    #2 you get another Franchise deal at over $37 million
    #3 you become the richest FA QB ever.

    Only #3 would you need a agent and pay one forthat, maybe not even then as you have the braket your in. Would the agent fees and other the overhead have ROI I doubt that. Hireing a marketing agent and good lawyer. The NFLPA has to check the contract anyway.

    Make no mistake Dak will get paid at record levels, unless there long term medical issue from this. That is just another reason to fire the agent who allowed it to get this point while still getting a cut for failing.

  18. So Prescott gambled and lost? Isn’t he making franchise tag money now? You folks think a broken leg, even a compound fracture, is going to depress his market value? In this QB-needy league? No way. The comments above are simply too easy. Just wait and watch him set a market rate contract with either the Cowboys or as a fee agent. And this is from a fan that doesn’t cheer for Dak, the Cowboys or any team in the NFCE.

  19. Because there was no contract and his status not guaranteed for 2021, this was likely Dak Prescott’s final game as a Cowboy. Look at modern history with Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings. Franchises do not put themselves on hold for any player. Either Andy Dalton makes himself the long-term starter in Dallas, or the Cowboys find another QB in free agency or the draft. That’s just harsh reality.

  20. Don’t know exactly how it will all come about, but my prediction for 2021 – Dallas starting QB – Cam Newton
    My prediction for 2022 – New England starting QB – maybe on a prove it deal – Dak Prescott.

  21. If Teddy Bridgewater and Alex Smith could play this year, Dak will be back. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it does mean it’s likely.

  22. That’s Dalton’s job to lose now, since Andy has never had an OL or weapons like he has now he’s going to tear it up mark my words! He was an above average QB with a chitty OL and limited weapons now he got both a VG OL and great weapons so look for Dalton to put up career high numbers.

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