Falcons won’t have a fire sale (but they won’t rule out selling)

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The Falcons fired their coach and General Manager after only five weeks. That doesn’t mean they’ll have a fire sale.

Falcons president and CEO Rich McKay explained on Monday that the Falcons won’t be selling off assets in order to convert them into future draft picks.

“If somebody came to us with a trade for a player and it made sense to us, it was in that player’s interest, our best interest and we could do it would be consider it?” McKay said. “Maybe. And that’s something we would look at. But this will not be a situation where we’re gonna predetermine the roster for the next head coach and General Manager. We’re gonna let them come in, let them evaluate this roster, let them see the moves they want to make.”

So the Falcons won’t be making any moves. Unless, as McKay said, someone makes them a offer that makes sense, that’s in the player’s interest, and that’s in the team’s interest.

Actually, most potential trades will be in the player’s interest, given that the new regime may not want them. If there’s a place where they can land now with a stable coaching staff and front office, why not do it?

“Last year, we made one trade,” McKay added, referring to the deal that sent receiver Mohamed Sanu to the Patriots for a second-round pick. “And it was a trade that we thought was in the best interest of the player, it was definitely in our best interest, we thought. And we executed that trade.”

Indeed they did. And they did without launching a fire sale. Which is one of the ways to get maximum value for a player. Once the team is yelling SELL!, the leverage plummets.