Frank Reich: Philip (Rivers) is our quarterback

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The Colts could have had other veteran quarterbacks, but they chose Philip Rivers. He has had an up-and-down season thus far.

In Sunday’s loss to the Browns, Rivers’ intentional grounding in the end zone cost the Colts a safety, and he threw two interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown. He threw two interceptions in the season opener, costing the Colts 10 points in a 27-20 loss.

It promoted reporters to ask after Sunday’s game and again Monday whether the Colts were considering replacing Rivers.

No consideration for that,’’ Reich said in a Monday conference call, via Mike Chappell of FOX 59. “Philip is our quarterback.’’

The Colts rank first in total defense but only 23rd in total offense.

Rivers is completing 70.8 percent of his passes and averaging 8.0 yards per attempt, but he has thrown five interceptions and his four touchdown passes are his fewest in his first five games in his career.

“You’ve gotta live with some mistakes, and the good is going to far outweigh the one or two bad things that happen,’’ Reich said. “We’ve got to be good enough team to overcome the one or two bad moments that we all have.

“It really happens at other places, maybe just not quite as much public display.”

So the Colts will continue to live and die with Rivers, leaving Jacoby Brissett to continue to watch and wait.

“My trust at the end of the day is who he is,’’ Reich said of Rivers. “This guy is a Hall of Fame quarterback, and I have the utmost confidence and belief in him. Our team has the utmost confidence and belief in him.’’

12 responses to “Frank Reich: Philip (Rivers) is our quarterback

  1. Jacoby Brissett probably isn’t a franchise QB, but he’s better than Philip Rivers at this point. The Colts wins have happened because of their defense.

  2. HOF QB? I dunno. He’s compiled some big numbers but he’s 5-6 in the playoffs with a QB rating that is a full ten points under his regular season rating. Never been to a SB, never mind won one.

  3. Rivers’ tremendous ego won’t let him admit that he’s not what he used to be. The Colt’s front office won’t admit at this point that Rivers is over the hill either.

  4. The Colts have been in QB purgatory since Irsay chased Manning out of town for Andrew Luck.

  5. The Colts will go only as far as River’s INT’s don’t hurt them. He’s an older version Jameis Winston. Can’t see him at this point being consistent enough for a 3 to 4 game playoff run, to finally win the big one now.

  6. The colts got a steal with that rookie Eason they got in the fourth. I wonder how he is looking right now. Wouldnt be a bad idea to throw him in and see how he does knowin that Phillip isn’t the guy

  7. Does Frank Reich even watch football? Rivers can’t throw anymore. His arm has been shot for a few years now. Even when he had a bigger arm he was never a winner. He lacks the intangibles of a champion. Hall of Fame? How about he actually throw more than one TD in a game first?

  8. Ya gotta love some of these “fans” who think they can pass as “pundits”. Sadly, they know not what they are talking about. Yes, some mistakes have hurt, but although he had two interceptions this past week, only 1 was a dumb throw. The Colts signed Rivers not for his arm, but for his ability to control the offense, which Brissett is still learning. Who did you want Jacoby to learn from? A Rookie? Give me a break.

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