Frank Reich: Philip Rivers the least of my worries

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The Colts kept the Browns Offense from scoring points for most of the second half of Sunday’s game, but Cleveland’s lead never dropped below six points.

Mistakes by the Colts had a lot to do with that. Browns safety Ronnie Harrison returned an interception for a touchdown, safety Sheldrick Redwine had another pick and the Colts handed the Browns two points on a safety that was the result of an intentional grounding penalty in the end zone.

Colts quarterback Philip Rivers had a hand in all three plays and the miscues were reminiscent of what went wrong for the veteran during his final season with the Chargers. Head coach Frank Reich took the blame for the play call on the safety, however, and complimented Rivers’ overall play.

“Yes, Philip is playing really good football,” Reich said, via Kevin Bowen of 107.5 The Fan. “That is the least of my worries. That is the least of my worries. Philip is playing good football. You are going to have mistakes when you get in situations like that. I know we would want the interception back, but the safety, like I said, is on me. You take that away and you get that one mistake, in my mind, that was the big factor. [The safety] was not the big factor, but the one big mistake with Philip was the interception. That is it.”

Rivers’ biggest numbers of the season came in a Week One loss to the Jaguars, but he’d played efficient and largely mistake-free football during the three-game winning streak that ended in Cleveland. The Colts will need that Rivers back if they’re going to stack together a few more wins.

19 responses to “Frank Reich: Philip Rivers the least of my worries

  1. This is exactly who Rivers is, was and has been for years now. Honestly, did anyone other than Frank Reich and Chris Ballard think he would suddenly perform differently this year?

  2. Rivers is old and looks it. They run the ball well, and their D looks really good, but where’s the passing game? Signing Rivers was not smart.

  3. Rivers had a great career, but he has not adjusted to waning arm strength. He will not be getting a second year.

  4. Rivers will win enough games to insure that the Colts will have between 15th thru 20th pick in the draft and never be able to get a franchise QB.
    They would have been better trying to get Andy Dalton.

  5. Bewteen a putrid D and soft D, you should be worried.

    Rivers looks like he is stuck in cement. The feet are always the first to go.

  6. Still the same Rivers despite a significant upgraded O-line than what he had with the Chargers. He’s old and washed up. As a Colts fan, can’t wait to see what Eason can do.

  7. The Browns defense is really good. These aren’t the same Browns we’ve been seeing in recent years. They finally have the right people in the front office. They’re building a good team!

  8. i’m a browns fan. and i will tell you their defense is nowhere near “really good.”. the defensive line is good, with garrett, richardson…when healthy vernon and ogunjobi make it a potential top 10 line. the linebackers are young, inexperienced, and fall victim to crossing routes, play action, anything that reverses field as well as pick plays. the secondary is oft-injured and has easily the worst safety in football playing – sendejo. an off-season of retooling the defense should help but this is not a good unit overall. far from it.

  9. A case of stubbornly refusing to admit the mistake of overpaying for a washed QB. Loyalty is a good thing, but it is obvious to any objective observer that Rivers is hurting the Colts.

  10. A lot of us saw this and called it early. Rivers is done, and has been for some time now. The Colts would do better with Brissett starting.

  11. Who thought Big Ben would outlast Rivers and Eli in the NFL? Rivers is done and Big Ben looks like he has another year left.

  12. charliecharger says:
    October 12, 2020 at 10:52 am
    The Browns defense is really good. These aren’t the same Browns we’ve been seeing in recent years. They finally have the right people in the front office. They’re building a good team!

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    Umm, no. They are not really good at all. Rivers is just slow to process and move his feet.

    Glad I could help.

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