Jon Robinson: Titans have been “fairly compliant” but not 100% on masks

Getty Images

Titans General Manager Jon Robinson admits his team has not followed NFL policies about wearing masks 100 percent of the time this season.

The Titans’ COVID-19 outbreak has caused major changes to the NFL schedule, and the league is investigating whether the team has broken rules about COVID-19 safety. Robinson, who could face league discipline for failure to ensure compliance, told reporters today that he thinks the Titans have been “fairly compliant” but that he can’t honestly say the Titans have followed the mask rules all the time.

“To say that we’re 100 percent would be a false statement,” Robinson said, via Emily Proud of WKRN.

Robinson added that he has heard from other GMs around the league that they haven’t all had 100 percent compliance in their facilities, either. But those other GMs haven’t had massive outbreaks on their teams. The NFL may come down hard on Robinson and the Titans for only being “fairly compliant.”