Will Titans eventually get a pass from the league?

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Last week, the NFL was sending strong messages to other teams that the boom would be lowered on the Titans for the outbreak that wiped out their Week Four game against the Steelers and that endangered their Week Five game against the Bills. This week, a different vibe is emerging.

Some think the Titans won’t get punished at all.

It would be a stunning turn of events, given the extent to which the league privately huffed and puffed to multiple teams about the plans to meting out discipline to the Titans. Currently, there’s a belief in certain circles that the league will simply not take action, time will pass, other issues will emerge, and the issue of Tennessee punishment will be forgotten.

Monday’s remarks from G.M. Jon Robinson hint at why, at the end of the day, the Titans could skate. Every team has had irregularities when it comes to compliance with the league’s COVID-19 protocols. The Titans have had the worst outbreak; however, unless some sort of connection can be proven between non-compliance and in-house spread, it’s hard to blame the Titans.

The league’s approach continues to be accepting that players and other personnel will catch the virus away from the building, while also trying to keep it from spreading at work. Without more details and full transparency as to contact tracing and other factors, maybe the Titans’ failure to completely follow the protocols contributed to the spread, and maybe it didn’t.

But here’s the thing: If all (or at least most) teams have failed to follow the protocols entirely, why should the Titans be punished for bad luck? If Commissioner Roger Goodell learned nothing else from the Saints’ bounty scandal, he should have learned (in the arbitration ruling issued by his predecessor, Paul Tagliabue) that cultural problems aren’t solved by hammering one team at a time when many are guilty of the same behavior.

So maybe last week’s private comments about the plans to hammer the Titans were aimed at scaring everyone straight, and maybe the league will decide not to pick a fight that eventually could prove that the Titans were doing things no different than other teams. Which in turn would create a major in-season mess that, given the bigger issues presented by the pandemic, the league doesn’t want or need.

17 responses to “Will Titans eventually get a pass from the league?

  1. Imagine getting covid and dealing with everything that comes with that and then your employer fines you.

  2. Yes. The Steelers and Bills, though, they had better get docked their first round picks

  3. The league has to be careful with setting a precedent here. If another team has a break out and they get together away from the team facility and spread the virus amongst their teammates they’ll be looking at the decision made here as a guideline. If the Titans go unpunished then all teams would have to go unpunished.

  4. We’ve all been wearing masks for months and the virus rolls on. I think it’s safe to say that nobody controls this thing, So I’m not sure any teams should be punished.

  5. If the past two weeks have demonstrated anything, it’s that the NFL will definitely punish the Titans.

    The punishment will be that the Buffalo Bills offense is not allowed to take the field until the Titans have 3 scoring drives.

    Just so all the other teams get the message not to be as careless as the Titans were; the NFL will then mandate that the Steelers must play Duck Hodges at QB for the first 3 quarters of the game.

  6. So the Titans held practices despite being told not to and they don’t get disciplined for it???? What a joke!

  7. They’ve hurt nobody but themselves. I get possibly having to forfeit games if they actually aren’t able to play them, but fines and losing draft picks doesn’t make much sense to me. This is pretty much a freak thing that could have happened to any team, and was bound to eventually. Everybody just wants to see the hammer laid down to improvw their team’s chances.

  8. No. Punish them hard and make an example out of them. They put the whole season in jeopardy.

  9. You want to punish the Titans? Force them to watch the NBA finals on a continuous loop in lieu of their usual film study

  10. Shadow practicing and no punishment? If a single Buffalo player gets this thing from a Titan, then what? The punishment is already overdue.

    Don’t sweep this under the rug like spy gate!!!

  11. If the League doesn’t punish the Titans for their deceitful practices, then there are no meaningful deterrents for teams and players to violate League Covid policies.

  12. I get the NFL’s hesitation. They don’t want to add complications to an already complicated situation. I don’t know what the punishment should be, but they can’t let this slide.

  13. Calvin Hobbes says:
    October 13, 2020 at 12:09 am
    No. Punish them hard and make an example out of them. They put the whole season in jeopardy.


    Would you be calling for this if they were your team?

  14. So the Titans held practices despite being told not to and they don’t get disciplined for it???? What a joke!


    What are you going on about? The league gave them permission to practice Sunday. Do you people even read?

  15. Did the League actually say they were going to come down hard, or was this just another example of the media starting a rumor, based on unnamed sources, in order to create conflict?

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