Adam Gase hates Le’Veon Bell taking frustration to social media

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New York Jets running back Le'Veon Bell didn’t seem happy following his team’s 30-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Bell declined post-game interview requests as the Jets fell to 0-5 on the year with all five losses coming by at least 11 points. Instead, he appeared to make subtle note of frustration on Twitter by “liking” tweets that pondered why Bell had only one target in the passing game against Arizona.

Bell’s unhappiness has made head coach Adam Gase unhappy.

Via SNY, Gase said on Monday that he didn’t appreciate Bell expressing his frustrations through social media.

I hate that’s the route that we go with all of this instead of just talking to me about it, but it is the way guys want to do it nowadays,” Gase said.

Bell had 13 carries for 60 yards and caught one pass for seven yards in the loss to Arizona.

No one with the Jets is going to be happy about their current predicament. They are a struggling team that already knows they’re playing out the string with a head coach in Gase that may not make it through the season. Frustration is understandable and Gase certainly gets why Bell would be frustrated.

“No, I haven’t had a chance to speak with him on those specific topics yet. It is what it is,” Gase explained. “I know he’s frustrated that we haven’t won. Wasn’t necessarily the plan of not targeting him in the pass game. Just kinda ended up being that way because of how they were playing us. That’s what it is. You just got to try to find ways to move the football, that’s all we’re trying to do. Doesn’t always go exactly as planned.

“I get it in the aspect of players getting frustrated when they feel like they should be targeted more or getting more touches. There’s a lot of guys feeling that way and we just got to go back to work and figure out ways to get our guys involved.”

27 responses to “Adam Gase hates Le’Veon Bell taking frustration to social media

  1. I too am frustrated & He sits on my fantasy bench until his touches and targets results in more production.

  2. When you are 0-5, have Bell at your disposal and you don’t target him more than once…players social media likes are the least of your problems…perhaps the coach should focus more on doing his job.

  3. Gase is not going to be the coach much longer, so I don’t think Bell has to worry about that.

  4. That’s cuz you suck gase you are not a head coach please do everyone a favor and quit already it’s embarrassing

  5. Who would win in a game between these guys and the Lions 0-16 team? Vote up for Jets, down for Lions.

  6. Gase seems totally clueless.

    Talking to him seems like a waste of time.

    Might as well just gripe on the internet and try to get him fired, it seems more likely to bring true change to the Jets.

  7. Bell should never have left the Steelers. Grass is not always greener. He is on a terrible team compared to the Steelers, and must be down big money cumulatively.

  8. “Adam Gase hates Le’Veon Bell taking frustration to social media”

    Then don’t frustrate him by limiting his plays.

  9. It will only be fitting for Miami to end Gase’s horrible head coaching career this weekend. And I hope it’s more than 11 points

  10. That’s okay, Adam. After another week or two, you will no longer have to worry about what the Jets players think of you.

  11. I’m starting to feel bad for these horrible coaches. Must suck going into work everyday wondering if your get pink slipped first thing in the morning, after lunch or at the very end of the day, My company waits until there is 2-3 minutes until the day is over to terminate folks.

  12. Did not watch the game, but have witnessed Le’Veon Bell kill the Browns in the passing game in the past. I have also witnessed Bell get better or more efficient as games goes on. Maybe get him involved to start games and keep feeding him passing and running.

    I feel for Jets fans and the players.

    Gase the strategists is going to get Gase the HC fired.

    The Browns has been a case study for what not what to do for 20 years. Look it up.

  13. So Gase says passively-aggressively, in public, that he hates when players are passive-aggressive in public?? Got it.

  14. Who didn’t see this coming? Even Gase knew this was going to happen! Without a strong O-line, Bell’s style just does not work at all.

  15. The comment by Gase shows the difference between how he and Belichick would have handled it. ““I hate that’s the route that we go with all of this instead of just talking to me about it, but it is the way guys want to do it nowadays,” Gase said.”

  16. Gase continues to make it crystal clear that not only does he stink as a head coach but he’s not even qualified to be an OC. Find Peyton Manning and ask him what plays to call because he was 100% behind the only successful offense Gase was ever associated with.

  17. Man, that holdout in PIT really blew up in his face, didn’t it?

    Between that outcome and what happened to Dak, I’d say the whole “gimme at any cost” angle has really taken a beating lately.

  18. Bell is childish to take to social media like that. What did he expect when he signed with a team that was absolutely terrible? He got what he wanted and that was a big paycheck. You can’t have it both ways. If he cared more about winning he’d have stayed on the Steelers. Instead, he cares about money and now he’s whining that they are losing. #smh

  19. “I’m a guy that talks face to face but that’s not how this new generation works”

    “Have you spoken to him about this situation?”

    “No, just you guys.”

  20. I’m not too sure anyone except Gase cares what Gase thinks.

    Joe Douglas fires this loser as soon as Johnson will let him.

    Maybe little bro Chris has to wit for big bro Woody to lose his gig as ambassador first. Not too worry, January 20th will be here soon.

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