Brian Flores on fake punt: We don’t sit on leads

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The Dolphins already appeared to have Sunday’s game against the 49ers in hand when they ran a fake punt while leading 30-14 in the second half on Sunday. But Dolphins coach Brian Flores says he’ll never skip an opportunity for a big play.

Flores said the fake punt was a play the Dolphins expected to work, so when they got the opportunity on fourth-and-1, they went for it.

I don’t think you want to sit on the ball early in the third quarter. We got the look we wanted. We ran it. And it was successful,” Flores said, via the Palm Beach Post.

After the fake punt, the Dolphins marched down the field and scored another touchdown, taking a 37-14 lead and putting the game out of reach. Flores and the Dolphins were right to remain aggressive.

12 responses to “Brian Flores on fake punt: We don’t sit on leads

  1. Simple really…he learned from the best…. down 28-3 and in 30 minutes they came back to win the superbowl… what does that tell you ??? No team is out of any game….If you believe.

    In the NFL you can never sit on a lead….. keep the points going… Plus you work a play in to a game that you practiced on and it works… well the players tend to listen more in practice now that they know things pay off in a game…..small details can pay big dividends.

    Like I said he learned from the best…. Good for him always liked him when he was in NE

  2. Finally a coach that wants to finish a game not sit on a 14 or 17 point lead at the half and then lose by a field goal.

    Keep pressing until you can kneel the ball and end the game properly.

  3. Angel Valle says:
    October 13, 2020 at 8:41 am
    They had a chance to run up the score and rub it in the other teams face so they took it

    They only had a 2 score lead in the 3rd qtr. Just this season alone, ive seen bigger comebacks.

  4. When a team like the Chiefs can put up 28 points in half a quarter…. No lead is safe. A team should be focused on getting up by 31 if it’s up 24

  5. You play to win the game. And point differential is a potential tie breaker. You don’t want the other team running up the score? Don’t let them.

  6. True however we’re sitting on an injured #5 overall draft pick, should have drafted Herbert, not the celebrity!

  7. Much better then suffering with a coach that gets up a few TD’s…goes run, run, pass, punt…gases your D and your team loses by 7. Invented by John Fox then perfected by Rivera.

  8. I’m a life long Bills fan and I’ve had to sit through more blowouts than most franchises other than the Browns.

    If you don’t want a team to score 40+ points on your team then play better defense. These are grown men making millions of dollars with families to feed; we aren’t in gym class trying to take it easy on the non-athletes.

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