Bruce Arians has no concerns about Tom Brady chewing out teammates

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Last Thursday night, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady blew a gasket on center Ryan Jensen after a drive that eventually had Tampa Bay facing third and 5. Coach Bruce Arians has no problem with Brady giving the business to his teammates.

That’s just being yourself,” Arians said Tuesday, via “I don’t have any problem with it. At least I don’t have to go back there and cuss them out. They’ve already got an earful by the time I get over there.

“Tom has got to be Tom. I’m not going to ask him to be somebody different. He does a good job of patting [teammates] on the back, too. He might explode but he’s going to go down there and pat them on the back and get them going.”

Of course, Brady ultimately did something for which he should have been cussed out: He didn’t know a key fourth down was fourth down. But no one chewed him out for that. Arians, who publicly called out Brady for a couple of interceptions after a Week One loss to the Saints, claimed on multiple occasions that Brady knew it was fourth down, even if it looked like he didn’t. (That suggests Brady found a way to make it known to Arians that airing out dirty laundry would no longer be appreciated.)

Brady still hasn’t acknowledged his mistake. Yes, pride and human nature often take over in such situations. However, Brady should realize that admitting that he committed an error would make him seem more human. We all make mistakes, even Brady. There’s nothing wrong with admitting it, especially when everyone knows it was a mistake.

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  1. So dainty of a lot of you guys to complain about Brady chewing out O-line. Did you even WATCH the game? Between Penalties, poor mistakes and missed blocks – that is completely unacceptable. He is 43 yrs and not only does he not have the patience for any BS, he also didn’t go down to Tampa to play out the string and sip margaritas. Everyone needs to be held accountable and expect nothing but greatness. If the Bucs want to look like a great organization such as the patriots then they better start ACTING like it week in and week out. Especially you, #76

  2. All this criticism about how Tom leads and handles himself after 20 years as the most successful QB of all time seems dumb.

  3. So, I was onto Brady years ago when he changed after he met Giselle and BB got him Moss and Welker.

    The kids and teenagers just saw stats and thought he played an A+ game every week even if he threw 2 ints and managed a game horribly.

    His 2007 and 2011 title games with his preferred offenses and personnel usage made him predictable in the shotgun 45 times a game, and he kept doing it. Over and over and over, as the Ds got them into those super bowls.

    The fact is, the Boston media never held Brady accountable for his own personal desires of full autonomy of the offense and his fading postseason performances and skyrocketing interception rate from 2007-2012 in postseasons. His game management skills eroded in those postseasons. It was so bad, BB had to deal Moss early in 2010 to snap Brady out of his awful habits.

    Everyone from Mike Reiss, to Jeff Howe, to you name the beatwriter of columnist, they completely ignored his flaws as the qb. It’s not about stats, it’s about game management and situational awareness.

    BB them drafted JimmyG to scare Brady straight again, which is why, essentially after the KC game in 2014, Brady looked like 2001-2004 Bradtly again, they won the SB and kept seeing great Brady postseason play.

    But, this whole Tommy is a victim of BB being a big meanie is concocted by the media who liked Brady over BB.

    Basically, with that and Giselle inserting herself into his career, encourgaing him to use social media like some teenager, had Brady putting himsef way above the team.

    I can only imagine how many times BB fought to rein Brady’s ego back in these last 10 years or so.

  4. Over his 20 year career, numerous players have expressed how great it has been to play with Tom Brady. As a leader, he should be chewing players out for mental mistakes. On the flip side, if/when he makes a mental error he should also be chewed out. I have no issue with his leadership style given the results. It doesn’t appear any of his current or former players have an issue with it either.

  5. This is a man’s game and leaders should be allowed to lead, even if it means being critical of teammates. I have no problem with Tom Brady yelling at teammates, just like I didn’t when Dan Marino and many other quarterbacks used to do it.
    That said, I wonder how Tom would have reacted if one of his linemen yelled at him after all those recent pick-sixes, or last week when he forgot it was fourth down? Somehow I doubt the criticism or call for accountability would have been all that well received.
    Dishing it out is OK under the circumstances, just so long as you can take when YOU mess up.

  6. Marino blew many gaskets at team players, it happens. Shows he definitely still has the fire and passion for the game.

  7. If Brady is being Ego Tom and calling out players it’s a problem. Especially if it’s your center. If Bruce allows it, just what do you need Bruce for? If it happens more than a few times other players will just tune him out. It’s not being passionate or full of fire, it’s showing that he thinks he is superior and above others. Maybe if Arians gained control, stopped running his mouth, and actually acted like a head coach this wouldn’t happen. What was I thinking, that’s never going to happen.

  8. As a Coach, I tell the parents, I yell so the players can hear me….there is a lot of crowd noise…hopefully some of ya get the sarcasm.

  9. His linemen were committing penalties left and right and killed a drive the Bucs needed. One, bizarrely, head-butted an opponent, drawing a 15-yard penalty and negating a major completioin downfield.

    And it’s a “bad look” to yell at these guys?

    This is the NFL, right? It’s not the PGA. Yelling is part of the culture.

  10. Hmmm. So was it Bellicheck or Brady that mae New England the no fun zone?

    Sounds like it was Brady all along.

  11. We live in a delicate society these days Tom. Try not to hurt any of these young kids feelings too badly.

  12. I am probably the biggest Brady fan there is, and have no problem with him yelling at Jensen for the stupid headbutt and for Donovan Smith for several false starts. but, if you are going to do that you better own up when you make a huge mental mistake like forgetting what down it is at the end of the game

  13. O-linemen aren’t snowflakes. I’m sure they can handle some screaming and yelling from the QB.
    BTW – I predicted that TB would be challenged by the “not as good as the Patriots” Bucs O-line. But he knew what he was getting into, especially for $50 million guaranteed. No sympathy from this NE fan.

  14. The thing about chewing out people is that Brady is usually not only venting anger, but also explaining what should have been done in order to execute the play correctly. There’s really no explanation to do to Brady for the 4th down brain-fart, is there? I mean, “Really bro? It was 4th down!” and then what? Not a lot to build a conversation on there.

  15. It’s almost like Belichick knew Brady’s weakness was pride and hammered him relentlessly and intentionally to get the best out of him.

  16. Brady has been to 6 Super Bowls since he met GBunchen. 6!! In New England he got tired of being coached like a rookie scrub, taking below market deals and having the team turn around and provide few viable weapons with the money in some yrs. He’s the Goat, he’s earned the right. As he’s earned the right to yell at anyone he wants. People that want some kind of public apology for Brady missing a down make me laugh. People that are desperate to be right, but seldom are, are hilarious

  17. Brady is beginning to realize how good he had it in New England. Now he is expected to do so much more and feels overwhelmed. I expect more public meltdowns from Tom in the future as things are not likely to get any better in Tampa.

  18. touchback6 says:
    October 13, 2020 at 2:17 pm
    So, I was onto Brady years ago when he changed after he met Giselle and BB got him Moss and Welker.


    So Brady chose Gisele over you. Now we know why you have become who you are.

  19. Tommy, get your own house in order before you chew out your teammates. True leadership is leading by example, not screaming and yelling. Situational awareness like not forgetting what down it is. Very important. Physical errors are part of the game, but bonehead mental errors when the game is on the line are unacceptable. You were the goat in this game, not “The GOAT.” Be better next time.

  20. Pride is what is causing him to play football at the age of 43 when he should have retired several years ago…

  21. Watch what happens after the Packers make TB12 look like a JuCo transfer come Sunday. This Bucs team believes its own preseason hype. They have some great talent but it’s not at QB. Brady is half the QB he used to be (and I’ve been a fan of his all along).

  22. To be fair, Brian Hoyer messed up not one but TWO critical plays in NE’s game against the Chiefs forgetting down, distance, and time, taking a half ending, 3rd down sack on the 15 yard line! and a another strip sack on the 10 yard line! Mental errors abound in current and former NE QBs!

  23. The QB is the de facto boss of the offense. Lots of bosses yell at the employees. Even Brady said “I get too much credit when we win, too much blame when we lose”

  24. gronkhof says:
    The QB is the de facto boss of the offense. Lots of bosses yell at the employees.

    The QB is the de facto LEADER or DIRECTOR of the offense, not the BOSS. The offensive coordinator is the boss of the offense, and the head coach is his boss.
    I’m on record as saying I have no problem with Tom Brady or any other QB yelling at his teammates, but comparing it to real bosses yelling at their employees isn’t just apples to oranges, it’s grapes to watermelons.

  25. Watch what happens after the Packers make TB12 look like a JuCo transfer come Sunday. This Bucs team believes its own preseason hype. They have some great talent but it’s not at QB. Brady is half the QB he used to be (and I’ve been a fan of his all along).

    Not at QB? Based on what?

    As of today he is 9th in passing yards 3rd in TD passes and has a higher completion percentage than Mahomes who I am told is the best QB in the league.
    And all this without his full slate of healthy WR for the last 3 games.
    No off-season no pre season.

    So again. “Not at QB” based on what?

  26. So Brady chose Gisele over you. Now we know why you have become who you are.

    I was thinking the exact same thing. P6 took a page out of his diary on how Brady jilted him someway and posted it on PFT. P6 needs to go to couples therapy sessions with his Brady fathead.

  27. The Bucs were the most penalized team in the League last year and are well on the way there this year. Arians runs an undisciplined ship and if these players don’t shape up, it’s going to cost them (more) games.

    So now Brady needs to be perfect himself before he can call out his offense for getting stupid and costly penalties? That’s some BS right there. One of the major reasons he was signed was to be a leader. I have no problem with his sideline behavior, which I viewed. Those guys deserved it and needed it.

    Have you ever seen a guy who played with Brady say he was a jerk? I have never seen anything remotely like that. He ladles out praise all the time, not just criticism. You can find so many guys interviewed who will say what a positive force Brady is throughout the locker room and the organization. Right off the top of my head, I can say I’ve seen that from Chris Long, Michael Bennett, James Harrison, Doug Flutie and Kyle Van Noy. I’m sure you could find dozens more.

    As far as taking criticism himself, Brady never complained when Belichick targeted him in team meetings. Same when Arians criticized him to the press. It’s pretty warped to try to bootstrap this whole 4th-down thing into some major deal. If you think Brady isn’t his own biggest critic, you haven’t been paying attention.

  28. The coach is responsible for the lack of discipline of his players. It was his players taking incredibly dumb Penalties which took them out of two possible scoring situations
    If the bucs want to win then they must play like winners.

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