Cam Jordan: Justin Herbert “may be a force to be reckoned with”

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After the Chargers played the Buccaneers in Week Four, Bucs head coach Bruce Arians said that he told Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn that he has a “great one” in the rookie quarterback.

The Saints had similar things to say about Herbert after Monday night’s game. Linebacker Demario Davis said Herbert “definitely doesn’t play like a rookie” after the first-round pick threw four touchdowns and Saints head coach Sean Payton concurred while discussing Herbert’s promising future.

“Young kid was out there taking a lot of hits today,” defensive end Cam Jordan said, via Luke Johnson of “Our front seven got after him pretty well. He made a lot of great plays down the stretch. . . . He may be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.”

Praise from opponents has become a regular occurrence, but so has losing. The Buccaneers came back to beat the Chargers and the Saints rallied from a 20-3 deficit to win in overtime on Monday. That makes four losses in as many starts for Herbert, who said after the game that it means a lot to hear such good reviews, “but I’d love to get the win.”

He’ll get his next chance at a victory in Week Seven against the Jaguars.

21 responses to “Cam Jordan: Justin Herbert “may be a force to be reckoned with”

  1. Herbert was hit far too many times just as Phillip Rivers was hit far too many times over the past several years. The line is terrible! The offensive coordinator, Shane Steichen seems unable to design an offence to suit Herbert’s obvious talent. Steichen is in his first full year as a coordinator and apparently designed an offence for a roll-out Tyrod Taylor. Steichen seems unable to adjust or James Campen, the offensive line coach who is also in his first year seems unable to get the offensive line to protect the future QB of the franchise. The horrible truth is that the Charger staff is doing to Herbert what the Houston staff did to David Carr and is doing to Watson. Herbert didn’t fail last night – the coaching staff, offensive line and the defense did!

  2. It’s great these rookies are playing well. When it comes to herbert I didn’t see it in college. Dude has a funky delivery and I just didn’t think he’d be a franchise qb.

    But man oh man Herbert has been dropping dimes and has been super accurate .

  3. Herbert was my second favorite qb in the draft. Just wish Burrow had a line and a coach who called more down field passes. Taylor calls a run the first play of a drive 99% if the time and everyone knows jt

  4. He can also become another Christian Ponder, Rex Grossman, Matt Cassel, Aj Feely, Derek Anderson, etc. By week 4-5 last year Kyle Allen was the Panthers savior according to some, who had snatched away Newton’s job. We see this story every season of players who have hot starts or are seen as future franchise starters that flame out. He’s not a generational talent like Luck, Watson, Newton, where its was evident from college.

    All I’m saying is that people need to stop getting caught in the moment and let it play out some more. Let time tell the story.

  5. Kid is the real deal and to think he could have been on the Raiders. Gruden and Mayock are total clowns.

    The Raiders may have squeaked by Mahomes, but they won’t beat him late in the season or the playoffs.

  6. Chargers are going to be unreal with a healthy, competent offensive line and once they get their starters back. I get injuries are a part of the game but cmon…their are levels. A little different when you’re missing half your lineup as opposed to a few guys. Between them, the talent on Denver and the raiders and chiefs, holy hell that AFC West could be stacked for years to come.

  7. It’s just a couple of games but so far I was wrong on Herbert. I thought there was a much greater chance for bust than boom, he’s proving me wrong. Good for him!

  8. I wonder where Tyrod Taylor will start next year? The dude is a backup, stop giving him starting gigs.

  9. Anthony Lynn might not be the right coach for Herbert. I watched Hard Knocks and Lynn kept talking about how accurate Herbert was but yet he decided to go with a below average QB in Tyrod Taylor.

    Second, Herbert could be the next Pat Mahomes but he needs an offensive mind that will take advantage of his skill set.

  10. of the Elite DLinemen of the best decade, Cam Jordan was probably the wisest and most cerebral of the order. He’s done moves that have never been copied like his hook line sinker move vs Falcons where he tripped up an olinemen as the qb rolled out the pocket. Jordan assessed took a second to assess the trajectory and angles, then he just threw the offensive lineman at least 7 yards towards the sideline knocking over the QB and recording a sack. it was genius

  11. Herbert looks really good. He threw maybe 2 really ill-advised passes the whole game (if Malcolm Jenkins didn’t completely suck, one was an easy pick) and was under near-constant duress. I agree that he will be hurt by a lack of offensive minds, but man- under the right coach, he has it all.

  12. jjfootball says:
    October 13, 2020 at 10:14 am

    The dude is 0-4.


    He’s a rookie on team in the middle of a rebuild. He’s not a failure Derek Carr and failure Mariota on another team that doesn’t know how to use draft picks from monster trades properly. Gruden and Mayock are egotistical hacks that belong on the TV and you know it jjCORKt@rd – aka joeCORKronto.

  13. That shouldn’t be very surprising. Two years ago Herbert was considered the top prospect in college football. It’s not like he’s a total unknown. When you have opponents saying stuff like Jordan said, look out. Notice nobody ever said that about Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen.

  14. There are rookie QBs starting in the pro every year along with all the hypes by the media but when multiple opponents voluntarily say good things about a rookie, you know you have something special here. Again, these are opponents and they didn’t have to compliment the rookie AFTER the game. Clearly, the kid is a baller and they respect that!

  15. Hes going to be a player. Better than trubisky and these other can’t lose prospects drafted higher

  16. Not sure why so many here are ripping on Lynn. They’re playing back ups on the oline, Ekeler is out and their #1 reciever missed half the game.

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