Jets’ announcement could be last-ditch effort to trade Le’Veon Bell

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From time to time, a team will announce that it plans to release a player. Then, before actually releasing the player, the team will find a trade partner.

That may be what the Jets are trying to do with running back Le'Veon Bell.

His release won’t become official until Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. ET. Before then, a team that hopes to secure dibs on Bell can try to work out a deal pursuant to which the Jets would get something/anything and the Jets would pay the difference between the amount the new team is willing to pay Bell and the balance of his 2020 compensation.

For Bell, it’s far better at this point to be cut. By rule, he can claim the balance of his 2020 salary ($6 million) from the Jets as termination pay, and he can then pocket whatever he earns from another team, double-dip style.

Before that happens, the Jets have to cut Bell. Before that happens, no last-ditch suitors will have to emerge, hopeful to get Bell now in lieu of having to compete with others on the open market once Bell otherwise becomes a free agent.

9 responses to “Jets’ announcement could be last-ditch effort to trade Le’Veon Bell

  1. In 5 Seasons Carson Wentz
    -has 0 playoff wins
    -has 53 fumbles
    -is 7-24 vs teams over 500
    -has no heart and no desire to win
    -has started 5-6 in 4 of his first 5 seasons
    -makes dumb decisions holds ball too long
    -ignores open recievers and makes everyone around him worse.

  2. Wait… a last ditch effort???

    So you announce “no man is bigger than the team”

    Then announce he will be released… meaning he will be a free agent and not cost any capital and not have to pick up his salary…

    And THIS is the strategy they employed??

  3. Over the Cap (OTC) shows Jets carrying $15.062 million in dead money for Bell in 2020 & another $4 million in 2021. They get offset credit for any salary earned with another team this year. Expect that to be $650,000 if he signs for the minimum. OTC shows Bell earned $27.531 million from the Jets for 17 active games, 863 rush & 500 passing yards.

    Not sure I would’ve cut him……

  4. As a Pat’s fan I have to give credit to Tomlin, he got rid of 2 locker room cancers and stayed competitive.
    I am guessing Bell is calling AB84 to ask if he can crash on his couch.

  5. Saying that if Bell hits free agency teams would have to compete for his services seems a bit of a stretch. If this were the offseason maybe he gets a handful of suitors but at this point destinations are limited. Hes not going to want to go somewhere with an entrenched #1 rb, or to a young rebuilding team and you can take away the Steelers as well and that doesn’t leave many

  6. Only a desperate team would willingly invite cancer into their locker room. Team chemistry matters. Just like AB, this me-me guy won’t be returning to Pittsburgh.

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