Jets reportedly trying to trade Le’Veon Bell

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The partnership between running back Le'Veon Bell and the Jets has not gone as planned since Bell arrived as a free agent in 2019 and the Jets are reportedly trying to end it via a trade.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News had the first report Tuesday about the Jets working to trade Bell before the November 3 trade deadline. Others have reported hearing the same about the Jets’ push to find someone to take Bell off their hands with Albert Breer of reporting that it “sounds like they’re willing to settle for a late pick and/or back-end player in return.”

Bell has no guaranteed money left in the final two years of his contract, but has $6 million in salary left over the rest of the season and the Jets would be hard-pressed to find any team willing to make a deal for more than that kind of return as a result.

Bell returned from three games on injured reserve to run 13 times for 60 yards in Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals. He didn’t speak to reporters after the game, but appeared to vent frustration about only being targeted for one pass on social media. Head coach Adam Gase said on Monday that he gets why Bell would feel that way, but wishes players didn’t express themselves in that fashion.

51 responses to “Jets reportedly trying to trade Le’Veon Bell

  1. System RB if there ever was one. looks like that patient running style is working out great outside of the Burg, who could’ve guessed

  2. Bills lining up Diggs, Brown, Beasley, Davis with Bell and Singletary in the backfield….

    A man can dream.

    Also if anyone can get Megan Fox’s phone number let me know.

  3. Nobody is going to give them anything for the right to pay him 6 million dollars for the rest of this season.

  4. Trading notice: Up for your consideration: Le’Veon Bell. Act now and we’ll throw in a head coach for free.

  5. It’s hard to give them credit for realizing they made a mistake when everyone but them knew it was a mistake in the first place.

  6. If the Jets want to trade Bell, they’re going to have to eat most of that salary, since no-one’s going to pay it. I smell a Steelers return or a Patriots move…

  7. Send Le’Veon and Darnold to the Colts for next year’s 1st round pick.

    Darnold gets a fresh start and Colts will get their franchise quarterback. Colts can eat Bell’s contract and he can replace Marlan Mack. Jets can start their rebuild with another 1st Rd pick and dump some salary. Win win.

  8. Let’s say that maybe the Bears are a landing spot with the Tarik Cohen injury. Do they give up a conditional 2027 7th rounder for the rights to this head case and pay him $6mm??? I say no chance. He’s going to get cut, Jets will eat the contract, and then Me’Veon will tell his agent to go get him Todd Gurley money next year. He’s not worth vet minimum.

  9. biggest bust of a free agent signing in recent memory. you just knew he was going to phone if in after getting his big contract. he’s finished nobody will give up anything for a known quitter. well at least he has his career as a rapper to fall back on….

  10. Not that it’s necessarily needed, but maybe it would be a good move for the Bills to take a shot on Bell? The team likes to rotate rb’s and with Moss still out with a toe injury, bringing Bell in would only benefit Singletary right now. Both RB’s have the same style run game and both are very good pass catching backs. You know you’d get the same look or result with either back on the field.

  11. Gase is being Gase. In Miami, any time he had a player who talked negatively about something or him that player was dumped or traded. He’s doing the same thing to the Jets. I can’t believe he is still “coaching” this team.
    That being said, I wish players would man up and go speak with the coach(s) instead of using social media to complain.

  12. The good news for the Jets is they can cut him next year and only have $4M dead money. So let’s see….Bell would have made $27M for two years ($13.5M/yr). Just coincidentally, that $13.5M number wasn’t worth him playing for during his holdout. Just like everyone predicted, he drastically overestimated his worth. So did the Jets. They have now realized the error of their ways and hope to pawn him off on someone else. I wouldn’t count on any team being as dumb as the Jets. But then again, there’s the Jags….oh and the Texans…oh, nevermind, that guy has already been fired.

  13. Bell deserves better than playing for a guy like Gase, who doesn’t know how to use him. Like they say, the worst coaches are those that try to fit players to their system, rather than use a system best suited to the players they have.

  14. Incredible to think that the best the Jets have had it in the millennium was Sanchez and Rex. J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

  15. The guy quit on his former team, and obviously doesn’t love football. Who would have signed him? The Jets. Now they’re trying to move him? Who’s running this team? Oh my gosh! The Steelers are 4-0. That’s without LeVeon Bell and without Antonio Brown. Come to think of it, Big Ben has two super bowl rings, and neither was won with either of these two guys on the roster. There’s this one word I used to hear scouts use. Character. I guess not everyone understands what that means.

  16. Stop quoting Mehta. He had his press credential revoked my the NFL and can no longer officially cover the team. At the moment he is ripping off other beat writers. This may be true but you need a better source.

  17. Guy should have listened to Jerome about staying in Pittsburgh. He’d be way ahead money-wise, and he’d be All-Pro. But this is America where one is allowed to be a horse’s ass if he wants. But, man, he did some great things for the Steelers. That last play goal line run in San Diego shows just how much he was trusted by Tomlin. He took forever making that little move and run. It will be interesting to see what happens with him.

  18. Adam Gase is a horrible head coach. I don’t know how he landed a job so soon after getting fired but it seems all his marquee players from his days in Miami performed better when they moved on from him. With Tannehill being the best example.

  19. Bell was yet another great Jets move – that blows up in their face. Personnel moves like this is why the Jets are the embarrassing mess they are. But they just keep on coming.

  20. To be fair, he only got 13 touches, and one catch – pretty good average at 4.6 a run. The Jets are terrible, and he most likely is not going to rush 26 times for 130 yards and 2 tds. On a good team, maybe a different story. Sometimes the grass isn’t greener.

  21. I would trade a 7th rounder to the Jets for Bell, if they eat a large portion of Bell’s contract.

  22. “looks like that patient running style is working out great outside of the Burg, who could’ve guessed”

    Or it could be that being in a place with a lousy offensive line, a bust of a QB, and a terrible coach and GM is not a great environment for an All-Pro RB.

    And by the way, it’s “the Burgh” if you really want to go there. And I can’t imagine why anyone would.

  23. The Jets are certainly a mess right now.
    And it may be worth noting that the Jets were the only other NFL team fighting the Vikings over Kirk Cousins’ services.

  24. Here is a guy that got some really bad advice from someone. He overvalued himself and undervalued what he had in Pittsburgh. He was a top RB back playing on a perennially competitive team and now he is languishing way on the Jets

  25. I honestly wouldnt give up a 7th for this guy. I watched hom closely on Sunday and he is slow, and like another poster said, looks like a Tonka truck trying to turn the corner. He washed up and done. Hopefully other RBs around the league can learn how NOT to handle your career from this guy. Sad sad sad.

  26. Come to Minnesota, Leveon! Even though you’d only be third string, you’re all but guaranteed a ring this year. Who would be able to turn down a chance to run wild behind the best O-line in the league! Make it happen, Spielman!!!

  27. Jets may just be desperate enough swap Bell for a 6th/7th and eat some percentage of his contract

  28. I would rather get rid of Gase now and keep Bell for the rest of the year. They have no WRs and Gase can’t figure out how to get Bell more touches or catches?

    Gase is a master at taking a player and deciding he can’t use him. Then same player goes elsewhere and is usually productive. Ryan Tannehill sure looks like a different QB with competent coaching.

    Bell I imagine will be productive elsewhere, but Jets will insist that Gase is an offensive genius. Aside from Peyton Manning, his track record is getting worse by the day.

  29. Season over, tanking for Trevor and rebuild in progress. The question is what do they do with Sam Darnold as I believe the market for him is small. The Colts will not trade for him with rookie Eason, Brissette on the roster. Is Darnold willing to be a backup to Trevor Lawrence?

  30. Let’s keep in mind that GM Maccagnan signed Bell to the mega deal and then hired Gase who wanted nothing to do with Bell a month before he was fired.

    It’s like he knew he was getting fired and decided to give the Jets the middle finger on the way out.

    I’m not sure why owners let someone make franchise changing decisions right before they fire them.

  31. Why in the world would the Colts send a #1 pick for Donald & Bell? Someone needs a reality check.

  32. They would have to give up Bell AND a first round pick just to get a second in return

    Bell never should have left the Burgh’

  33. Safe to say that holdout didn’t work out as planned.


    The Holdout was for a big contract, which he got…

  34. Gase and the Johnson family have to go.

    Both, not one or the other, of those things have to happen for the Jets to even get a chance to earn respect

  35. I laughed at Bell for sitting a year. I laughed at the Jets for giving him monster money.

    But, Gase is a fraud. And Bell has undeniable talent. Keeping Gase and eating the money on Bell and getting nothing out of him is just compounding your mistakes. And the Jets will do it. Laughable…

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