Mike Tomlin on Myles Garrett: We’re not looking for reality TV storylines

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The Steelers will face the Browns on Sunday in the first meeting between the two teams since the ugly incident last season when Cleveland’s Myles Garrett ripped Mason Rudolph‘s helmet off and hit him over the head with it. But Mike Tomlin doesn’t want to hear anything about this being a revenge game.

Asked today what his message to his team was about facing Garrett, Tomlin says he has no message because he’s focused on winning a football game, not something that happened last year.

“We’re not looking for the low-hanging fruit or reality TV storylines,” Tomlin said.

With the Steelers at 4-0 and the Browns at 4-1, this game doesn’t need any reality TV storylines to be a big one. This is a meaningful game in the AFC North race, something the Browns aren’t accustomed to — and the Steelers would like to put the Browns back in their place. That, not revenge against Garrett, is the motivation the Steelers need.

20 responses to “Mike Tomlin on Myles Garrett: We’re not looking for reality TV storylines

  1. “back in their place”?? … sorry dude.. that “place”.. is a thing of the past… steelers gonna get whipped.. and will be put into their new ‘place’…

  2. I’m glad he said it like that. Soap Opera gossip drama media needs to fall down a hole and be buried. Our country would be in a much better place.

  3. I highly doubt any extracurricular activities, should they occur, will be related to the Rudolph-Garrett incident. Let’s face it, these guys say and do far worse on the field than what happened in that game. IMO, it was two guys that got caught up in the heat of the moment, and reacted without thinking. In this game, there is too much at stake, and I’m sure both coaches have made that clear.

  4. To clarify, the helmet swinging was extreme, and Garrett paid the price with a multi-week suspension. Time to move on.

  5. respect to the AFC North for giving us great ugly drama, hands down the best Division in the AFC.

  6. Being a Pats fan it’s been fun to poke holes in Tomlins coaching but setting that rivalry aside, he’s an excellent coach and his answer to the question is spot on

  7. Agree with the guy above. For all the criticism Tomlin has received through the years, he’s proven he’s a great coach.

  8. Since losing to Tim Tebow in the playoffs, the Steelers haven’t been quite the same. Very little post season success to speak of but maybe this year things will be different. The defense looks good so far.

  9. It should be a much better game than in years past. The Browns are lucky to take one off of them every few years. The Stealers are good again this year and this will be the best test yet for the Browns. (That first game was a mulligan) Unlike BrownsFreak51 above, I’m not foolish enough to think they’ll take it at Heinz field but I feel much better that we’ll take one this year.

  10. Can you imagine what we’d hear if someone planted a mic on one of the Pittsburgh defensive lineman? I like Garrett, and hope we don’t see cheap shots but jeez if he winds up at the bottom of a scrum look out…

  11. Story is wrong, this is not the first meeting since helmet-gate. The Myles incident happened in the first game between the clubs, they played again later in the year.

  12. Garrett showed to all watching his make up, no one cares is another year different game.

  13. Hopefully he doesnt take a swing at Pig Ben and get suspended again this is the Browns year.

  14. The Garret helmet-swing was the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in 50 years of watching football. That was bad reality TV. Brownies are 0-13 at Pittsburgh in the Tomlin era. They will win one at Heinz eventually, but not this year. Ben shines in the 4th while Baker falters.

  15. When you lie and say somebody used the N word to try and lessen the punishment (and it worked), that hurts for a lot longer than the helmet swing. M.G lost all respect from many people. No character. I would say that to his face too. As long as I had witnesses of what was actually said.

  16. Mike, why does your secondary STINK year after year?

    I know a lot of people are excited about the Steelers 4-0 start but they’ve played no one. They still display a lot of the same weaknesses they have for a decade.

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