Roger Goodell: Titans investigation focused on safety, not punishment

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PFT reported Monday that ultimately the Titans could get a pass for the team’s outbreak of COVID-19.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seemed to confirm that in a Tuesday conference call, saying the league is focused on safety measures and possible changes to protocols rather than handing down punishment.

“We have all been working — the Players Association, our medical experts, our outside experts, the Tennessee Titans, every other club involved — just to continue to put the protocols in place and ensure that modifying protocols if they need clarity, they need changes, and working to just keep our personnel safe,” Goodell said. “That includes personnel and players, coaches, our team operations personnel. That focus has really been working well. We are really working closely in identifying and speaking to clubs and players and open dialogue. This is not about discipline. This is about making sure we’re keeping our personnel safe. That’s been our entire focus to date.”

The Titans have had 13 players and 11 other personnel test positive since September 24 and most of those have come since they last played a game in Week Three. The Titans had their Week Four game against the Steelers postponed to later in the season, and they play the Bills tonight in a rescheduled game.

It originally was believed the league would hammer the Titans. It now appears that may not happen.

“I would say that we’ve learned a lot from each of these situations,” said NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills. “We’ve had great communication, certainly everyone on the end of the Titans has been very cooperative with us and has been very forthcoming in trying to help us understand that situation. But that’s a situation also that could happen to any of our clubs in that this virus is out there. It’s endemic and as we’ve said before if we’re not completely vigilant at all times, that’s the only opening that this virus needs.”

19 responses to “Roger Goodell: Titans investigation focused on safety, not punishment

  1. Contrast this with how the league dealt with Josh Gordon. And Randy Gregory. I defy anyone to make this stuff up

  2. We’ll soon find out how the non-punishment approach worked – or didn’t.

    If it doesn’t, the league owns this one.

  3. Was it originally believed they would be hammered with discipline or was it like so so many times an “unnamed sources” said that’s what would happen which made a story and now it’s being walked back like things have changed when in actuality this was likely what was coming the whole time.

  4. What a joke! Break several protocols, jeopardize the season, make rule abiding teams jump through hoops and get a slap on the wrist. Way to go NFL!!

  5. Yet the league spends months investigating the Pats “spying” on the Bungles sideline in plain sight of Bungles, looking for a single crumb of evidence to connect football ops to it, finding nothing, and then still punishing them anyway. Guess the blatant disregard for safety protocols that jeopardize people’s lives isn’t as serious…

  6. Buffalo, it is up to you to discipline the Titans for their blatant disregard for the rules. Cover the 3.5 please.

  7. If the Patriots had like seven players on their roster testing positive and the league knew they weren’t following the rules, Goodell would have given them a $2,000,000 fine, he would have taken away their first round picks for the next three seasons, and it would have to be broadcasted on every single major news website in the country for the next three months.

  8. “Buffalo, it is up to you to discipline the Titans for their blatant disregard for the rules. Cover the 3.5 please.”

    Buffalo is missing their two best players on defense. Cornerstones. Gonna be rough for them to do it.

  9. Told ya. It’s because he doesn’t want to harm
    an AFC team that could harm NE in future seasons.

    Yeah, right, it’s about “safety”. It’s about MONEY and manipulating games, which is why Goodell is a liar and fraud. He sent two teams to play one another who had known positives and knowledge of a 14 day incubation period.


    Fire this Trumpy Jr now.

  10. Apparently, this time, Goodell and the league couldn’t afford the 2-3 months it takes to do a “thorough investigation” prior to announcing any punishment.

  11. This would not be the league’s reaction if a different team was involved. Another example of the rules not applying equally to everyone.

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