Titans return from COVID-19 layoff to steamroll Bills 42-16


So much for the COVID-19 outbreak and layoff affecting the Titans.

Tennessee, playing for the first time since Sept. 27 and after little practice, dominated the Bills from start to finish, winning 42-16. The Titans remained undefeated at 4-0, while the Bills suffered their first loss after four wins to open the season.

The Bills were their own worst enemy with three turnovers and 10 penalties. Josh Allen threw an interception on his first attempt, with Malcolm Butler getting the first of his two picks on the night. Butler had 97 yards in returns.

The Titans scored 21 points off the Bills’ turnovers, with scoring drives of 16, 12 and 18 yards.

Allen finished 26-of-41 for 263 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Ryan Tannehill ran for a touchdown and threw three others. He went 21-of-28 for 195 yards, throwing scoring tosses of 16 yards to A.J. Brown, 4 yards to Jonnu Smith and 7 yards to Smith.

Tannehill’s touchdown run was 10 yards.

Derrick Henry had 19 carries for 57 yards and two touchdowns and stole the night on social media with his stiff arm of Josh Norman.

Brown, in his return from a knee injury in the season opener, made seven catches for 82 yards and the touchdown.

31 responses to “Titans return from COVID-19 layoff to steamroll Bills 42-16

  1. There is the Allen we all know! Tannehill is underrated, been an fantastic player since leaving Miami

  2. This is surprising. That stiff arm move by Henry was hilarious. If my memory is right, the Titans beat the Chiefs last season back in November as well. I can see the Bills beating the Chiefs. After all, it will be in Buffalo.

  3. Oh God…The Bills are one of the worst teams in the league! This one game defines them for the rest of the season!
    Yeah…Give the Titans some credit. No practice…All the COVID positives. They showed up. It’s the NFL. They’re nobody’s doormat. They’re professionals too.

  4. You knew it was coming. 2 picks, overhyped by media, blah…Time for Diggs to start his crap, Allen goes downhill, Leslie Frazier gets fired.

  5. I feel like a few calls by the refs switched the moment in favor of the Titans, but overall the Bills played sloppy football. The better team won in the end.

  6. The turnovers from Allen single handedly won the Titans this game. Titans are one of the more underrated defenses in the NFL and tend to jam receivers straight off the line with scary results. Oh and no running back is half as good as Derrick Henry right now.

  7. Wow! I was seriously laughing out loud in the first half at the amount of times the announces mentioned that the Titans has not practiced in SOO long… Uh, except when they were breaking protocol & practicing at a local high school multiple times.

    You could tell the Titans were pissed off though at all the COVID talk running up the score at the end.

  8. Allen played well enough. Not his fault the Defense looked absolutely horrible. That’ll happen when your #1 and #2 CBs, starting coverage LB and #2 WR decide to take the day off. Roberts letting that ball fly off his hands for the easy pick didn’t help either. No excuses though, they were unprepared. Time to move on.

  9. Horray for my Aggie Home Boy Tannehill! Keep it up and you might get a Super Bowl Ring!…But can you beat Seattle? Oh, I forgot…you no longer have Kenny Stills to drop a TD pass! Or the Packers? Maybe pull a fake spike like Aaron Rodgers did when you lost to them in 2018… Or the Saints? Hmmmmmmm….. And get revenge on the Chiefs for last year in the AFC Champ game! Gig ’em, Tanne-thrill!

  10. How do you throw a pass from the 6, when the line of scrimmage is the 8, and have that stand on review? I guess I should just be happy it wasn’t at the end of a playoff game this time.

  11. Yup,the Pats are in trouble…. Bills got a 2 game lead ….. division runs thru Buffalo…. SAID NOBODY WITH A BRAIN STEM!!!!

  12. Is it bad if I enjoyed tonight’s game on a Tuesday night a lot more than MNF? The night games with the Seahawks, Packers, Saints are just so predictable and anti-climactic.

  13. cancerman2020 says:
    October 13, 2020 at 10:11 pm
    Well, this messes up the power rankings now doesn’t it?

    And all of the pre-mature Allen for MVP talk of the last couple of weeks too!

  14. kissbillsrings says:
    October 13, 2020 at 11:01 pm
    Yup,the Pats are in trouble…. Bills got a 2 game lead ….. division runs thru Buffalo…. SAID NOBODY WITH A BRAIN STEM!!!!

    6 3 Rate This


    Warnings were out.

  15. “Yup,the Pats are in trouble…. Bills got a 2 game lead ….. division runs thru Buffalo…. SAID NOBODY WITH A BRAIN STEM!!!!”

    Pats are in 2nd place, right?

  16. As a bills fan, they needed this. The defense has been sketchy to this point and the offense has been having a tough time establishing a run game and both got exposed big times last night. A lot of stupid penalties as well, all makes for a much needed week of intense practice to get ready for KC. I still think the Bills are a force in the AFC but obviously Tennessee looks to be cream of the crop so far and the division still runs through NE until proven otherwise. Goals to be reached happen after the turn of the year not in October, Go Bills!

  17. It’s really annoying that QBs either get too much credit, or receive too much blame. Josh Allen had a bad game, he will be fine. His defense couldn’t stop a nose bleed. Doesn’t change what he’s doing this season which is remarkable. Patrick Mahomes gets all this credit like he’s the greatest ever with all these spectacular comebacks. Well news flash, he has the best weapons in football. Hill and Kelce were Pro Bowlers before Mahomes became their QB. Watkins was a couple of years removed from the Pro Bowl and multiple 1000+ yd receiving seasons. Also, lets not forget that all these comebacks he has can only happen if his defense stops the other team from continuing to score. As we saw Sunday, if the D can’t get off the field it doesn’t matter what he does. Okay I’m done, rant over. Josh Allen is still a top QB in this league this season. I’m a Ravens fan by the way so Bills fans I know how you feel with people lined up to say see when your QB has bad games.

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