Adam Gase: It’s irrelevant if we misused Le’Veon Bell

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The Jets signed running back Le'Veon Bell to a four-year, $52.5 million contract with $27 million guaranteed when he was a free agent before the 2019 season and they have decided to release him five games into his second season with the team.

Bell’s departure comes as no great surprise since he’d been ineffective on the field and appeared to be at odds with head coach Adam Gase about how he was used throughout his brief time with the team. The latest example came last Sunday when Bell didn’t speak to reporters and liked tweets pointing out that Jets only targeted him with one pass in their loss to the Cardinals.

At his Wednesday press conference, Gase was asked if he agreed with the perception that the team misused Bell on offense. Gase said it was “irrelevant at this point” if that was the case.

“It didn’t work. It didn’t work out. We’re going to focus on this game right now,” Gase said, via SNY.

Given the team’s 0-5 record and lack of talent, refelctions on Bell’s usage won’t be the only irrelevant thing to come out of this Jets season.

43 responses to “Adam Gase: It’s irrelevant if we misused Le’Veon Bell

  1. After all that has happened with Bell and Brown, I have more respect and praise for Tomlin. What a mess those two are and Have, SMH, how does he still have a job?

  2. It’s not just that Gase is a terrible coach that is upsetting to us Jets’ fans. It’s that he seems to be a jerk as well. At least I could respect Todd Bowles as a man.

  3. Fire. Gase. Now. I don’t even like the Jets and I want to never hear anything this man says ever again.

    Bell being misused (or under used) is a very important point. You can’t just refuse to use a player and call him a bust.

  4. Instead of Sleepless in Seattle, Gase can star in Mindless in Miami, followed by the sequel Nonsensical in New York. He needs to go.

  5. Its simple … you pay a back, you USE him till the wheels fall off. Gase didnt run or throw to him enough. Thats why the NFL stands for … Not For Long

  6. Dolphins fan here. Gase knows he’s done as the Head Coach once they hit 0-8. Because they’re next three games are Miami, Buffalo, KC. I promise the Jets will lose to the Dolphins.

  7. It’s irrelevant since Trevor Lawrence is the going to the #1 Overall pick and Jets ownership know that Adam Gase is the guy to get them that pick.

    It’s an obvious conclusion to everyone outside of Jets management that you completely wasted Bell in your offense.

  8. I’m not the biggest fan of Bell but making any moves when you have a lame duck coach seems pretty dumb. Imagine if Cleveland would have let players go based on them not playing well with Freddie Kitchens. The entire sports world was calling that whole team a bust a year ago. Sending a clueless coach out to pasture later and magically they’re good.

    I mean Ryan Tannehill stopped being a draft bust the second he went to a different area code as Gase so I have a hunch the players aren’t the problem.

  9. Why were Gase and Anthony Lynn hired and then given second jobs? They’re clearly horrible at being a head coach.

  10. Look, I was never a huge fan of the Bell signing as a Jets fan. But I did believe he was still a high level player. Gase calls plays like he is playing Madden and forgets to run the ball. I’m also tired of his horrendous leadership. My fear is that he uses this as another excuse about how none of this is his fault and he needs more time…. Terrible leader, worse coach.

  11. Jets, it’s not even funny for the rest of the league anymore that you’re so, so bad. Fire Gase.

  12. This sums up Gase’s overall philosophy. He’s never wrong and he sees players more as cogs that can mess up his offensive machine than individual tools that you’d build and adapt around. It’s why he won’t let Darnold audible into a QB sneak when they need inches and there’s nobody lined up over the center and it’s why he calls the EXACT same up-the-middle run plays for an edge runner like Bell that he does for a Frank Gore who excels at running inside. If he took over a team built to run the wishbone he’d instantly install his offense and then wonder why things weren’t working out.

  13. Ya lets not focus or try to learn from past mistakes, no lets just focus on Sundays game that is all that matters. Hey Gase, you dont look back your not accepting things were done wrong and need correcting. You learn from mistakes, how to not make them again is a good start.

  14. So if a coach doesn’t use a player, uses him very little at all, or uses him incorrectly and the player ends up not producing, it’s irrelevant on the use of the player when evaluating whether or not to cut the player? Just making sure I’m following Gase’s logic.

  15. What baffles me is the Jets HAD to see the train wreck he caused when he was down in Miami and yet they still hired him. In fact they hired him SO fast I don’t even think they interviewed anyone else. Why?? What were they thinking??

  16. While I don’t have a strong opinion on Bell, it’s hilarious that the Jets allowed their current trainwreck GM and coach to release one of their most talented players a mere week or two before they’re fired. Like O’Brien trading Hopkins.

  17. silverbackjack says:
    October 14, 2020 at 2:25 pm
    Eric Bienenmy better be on speed dial


    For his sake, I hope he blocks the number.

  18. Gase is irrevelant. His only task now is to go 0-16 and get first pick in the draft. Then he will be fired on Black Monday.

  19. rwd57200 says:
    October 14, 2020 at 2:14 pm

    Yet another guy Peyton Manning made rich


    I have a feeling Peyton Manning didn’t listen this guy very much.
    Probably sat in meetings and nodded “yeah…uh huh”… and then in games did whatever he wanted to.

  20. Not up to me to say Gase is not a good coach. I do think Bell is responsible for his own fate. He doesn’t seem to have that same pop he had in Pittsburg, the year he held out seemed to have hurt him.

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