Dan Quinn bids farewell to Atlanta with a two-page letter

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Former Falcons coach Dan Quinn arrived in Atlanta on the heels of suffering one of the worst Super Bowl defeats in league history. Two years later, his Falcons suffered one of the worst Super Bowl defeats in league history.

Three days after being fired by Falcons owner Arthur Blank, Quinn has written a letter to all of Atlanta.

“How fortunate am I that I close this chapter the very same way I opened it — with gratitude,” Quinn writes. “Being the Head Coach of your Atlanta Falcons has been the privilege of a lifetime. I can’t express my appreciation enough to Arthur Blank for the opportunity to represent this organization for the past six seasons. It truly has been my family. My wife Stacey and I will forever be grateful for every single person in this organization who made our lives better and fuller.

“I will miss so many things, but none more than the men in the locker room. From pro bowlers to practice squad players, it was an honor to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with you and be a part of your lives on and off the field.

“Finally, to the people of Atlanta and Falcons fans everywhere. I can’t thank you enough for making this Jersey boy feel right at home. I know there are great things ahead for this team and I’ll continue to root like hell for them, and for you. I hope I represented your team with the grace and character you deserve.”

It was a great gesture from Quinn, who was summarily dumped only five games into his sixth season. He took the Falcons farther than any coach ever has, putting them on the brink of a Super Bowl win. Although it didn’t work out, it was a ride that the franchise never had experienced.