Dwayne Haskins remains absent from Washington with illness

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Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins remains away from the team with an illness. Although it’s not COVID-19, the situation has to be concerning to the team.

Demoted last week from starter to No. 3, Haskins ended up at home on Sunday, due to the illness. Three days later, on the first day of practice in advance of a Week Six game against the 0-5 Giants, Haskins didn’t practice.

It’s not COVID-19; if it were, he’d be on the reserve list. Whatever it is, the fact that he still has it three days later to the point that he couldn’t show up for work is concerning.

Also concerning is the possibility, frankly, that he has a case of the blue flu.

It would be hard to blame Haskins for reacting to his demotion by deciding to stay away from the team, citing an illness that is embellished, exaggerated, or fabricated. (At 23, that’s quite possibly what I and you and many others would have done.)

Haskins surely feels that he’s been slapped in the face, disrespected by his employer. Surely, he has no desire to show his face in a place where he feels unwanted and unappreciated.

The question becomes whether he’ll continue to be a member of the team. As one league source recently put it, the team’s post-demotion effort to say Haskins still has a future in this league comes from a desire to trade him. While that may not happen at the 2020 trade deadline, Haskins becomes a potential option for another team in 2021.

For that reason, his best play would be to go along and get along and hope that eventually he gets away from a place where he no longer fits, in the hopes of landing with a team that wants him.

It’s way too early to know whether he does or doesn’t have what it takes to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL. To date, he hasn’t had a full and fair chance to show what he can do. For now, it’s not clear whether he’ll get it in Washington or anywhere else.

18 responses to “Dwayne Haskins remains absent from Washington with illness

  1. If you look at his tape at Ohio State, you don’t see anything close to an NFL QB. He did have great stats. Always go with the tape.

  2. Yikes. If he really is staying at home because he was benched that is not a good look and many will look at it as him quitting on his team. He may never be able to get back the respect of the locker room.

  3. Exactly why he was demoted…he has zero idea of how to be a pro QB & never will…doubt he tried to use someone right down the hallway named Doug Williams as a mentor, too…would rather look up to some idiot rapper, guaranteed.

  4. I hope he has accrued sick days or the team has a great WFH policy. Otherwise, Coach should require a doctors note! Seems kinda ridiculous that a grown “pro” can get away with these antics in this day and age.

  5. Dwayne Haskins is not Ron Rivera’s guy. Haskins had every opportunity to grasp the offense and then demonstrate his mastery over it. His play on the field has clearly shown he is deficient in processing the mental part of the game resulting in his demotion. Hopefully he is under the weather and is not showing up at the Team facility because of his demotion. It does not look good on him if he has abandoned his teammates.

  6. He’s suffering from notsogoodidas… it’s a condition brought on when a player is hyped up to be something they aren’t

  7. If he’s staying home with a fake illness, this only reveals the degree to which he feels entitled and that his status as a starter is a “given”. If this is true, he’s one spoiled, coddled kid.

  8. The problem with these QBs who play at the top schools is that they are surrounded by NFL talent and coached by superior coaches and systems. They have great stats because they have all day to throw to wide open receivers. Their mistakes are masked by top defenses.

  9. Being demoted from starter to 3rd string has to suck, however he had no business ever being drafted day 1. I watched him throughout college and he is a system QB, just like Tebow was. He will be on a practice squad in 21 and out of the NFL by 22.

  10. I thought Haskins should have been the #1 overall pick. Of course that’s from what I saw on the field at OSU. The thing I saw on the field in the NFL that made me doubt were the selfies with fans during the game….and now this.

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