Jason Pierre-Paul: Nobody can run on us

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The Buccaneers won’t have defensive tackle Vita Vea in the lineup for the rest of the season, but his loss hasn’t dimmed Jason Pierre-Paul‘s confidence in the team’s run defense.

Pierre-Paul, Vea and company have allowed a league-low 58.4 rushing yards per game so far this season and the edge rusher thinks “there’s guys who are going to step up and do what they need to do” with Vea out of the picture.

“We had a couple of days off, I guess it’s just the willpower man,” Pierre-Paul said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “With this defense, I don’t think nobody can run on us. We take too much pride in it to let a team come up in here and just run on us and try to get it going as well as passing, too.”

The Packers are next up for the Bucs and Aaron Jones has been productive thus far this season. Pierre-Paul acknowledged Jones as a “great player,” but said the identity of the runner doesn’t change his view of how the defense will fare in the ground game.

Green Bay’s got a pretty good passing game too, so the Buccaneers should have their hands full even if they can keep Jones in check come Sunday.

10 responses to “Jason Pierre-Paul: Nobody can run on us

  1. In before snark from commenters. Number one last yr, number one this yr. Spot that lie from Pierre Paul. Go ahead and try to run outside, Lavonte David and Devin White will kindly meet you at the corner with a smile on their face. Aaron Jones is a great player but let’s not pretend this is anything they haven’t seen before. Op of article was sooooo dramatic, they only play Christian Mcaffery and Alvin Kamara twice a yr no big deal. Stopping Aaron Rodgers on the other hand with a spotty pass defense – that’s another story. I still say when Aaron Rodgers is on his game, no one is better. Not even Mahomes

  2. There goes another player running his mouth writing a check that the D can’t cash.
    Losing your top run stuffer will hurt big time. Better find out how much before making bold statements like that.
    Have you even played a team with a stud RB yet?
    Was McCaffrey hurt when you played the Panthers? Otherwise I don’t think you have played a run 1st team yet

  3. The Packers offense stresses defenses with many looks that appear to be running plays, but are really pass plays and vice versa. When the defense doesn’t ever know what is coming it is harder to stop any one thing. Once you create that uncertainty for a defense then it immediately gives the offense a advantage. Jason Pierre-Paul can do whatever he wants to stop the run and the Packers will exploit that with play action all day long.

    This is going to be a enjoyable game to watch. Tom Brady wants this one real bad and will be a man possessed to get the W. The Packers are well rested and coming for you Tommy. Beware.


  4. So the question remains can ‘somebody’ run on their defense. We will find out this coming week.

  5. No doubt this game will be a test for the Pack and LaFleur’s scheme – the Bucs D is solid, and if there’s something to exploit in the Packer D, Arians and Brady will find it.

    The Pack has looked unstoppable so far this season and regardless of what JPP says, the A. Jones / J. Williams duo will likely rack up some yards, whether on the ground or through the air.

    If the Packer D can’t get to Brady, this game could be a classic shootout. Go Pack Go!

  6. I have no problem with what JPP had to say about the Bucs run defense and I don’t necessarily think he’s wrong.
    The issue won’t really be if A. Jones and Co. will be able to run on them, it will be how much and to what extent and whether they’ll be able to open up the rest of their offense.

    Matt LaFleur has done an amazing job implementing his offense in GB and creating a juggernaut scoring machine.
    Disguising the looks, reads, play calling, as well as recognizing and exploiting certain matchups to his team’s benefit.
    Also, having Aaron Rodgers buy in completely, despite the naysayers and haters angst over it, has been the biggest lift this season.

    Despite the offense’s early success, it’s at a pace that’s unsustainable.
    At least as much as it has been.
    The defense will have to do their job to stop the run, (something that’s been difficult at times) and get after Brady.
    Tackle, tackle, tackle.

    The Bucs #2 defense will be a significant barometer for the Packers to overcome on Sunday.
    It should be a great NFC matchup between two very talented teams, as well as a couple of future Hall of Fame QBs.
    Can’t Wait!!!

  7. Well, that may be true. But the Packers are getting, arguably, their two best players on the team aside from Aaron Jones and Aaron Rodgers back from injury. Kenny Clark is critical for the defense for so many different reasons, and run support is one of them. We’ve been missing the guy that can really drive the pile and push the pocket to force the running backs and quarterbacks into the waiting arms of the edge rushers. That’s going to be huge for GB. And, of course, having Davante Adams on offense certainly can’t hurt.

  8. Maybe the Bucs D are due for a let down. Packers average 150 rush per game and Bucs D average allowed is 60 yards. I just don’t see them stopping the packer’s 3 excellent RBs. Pack is coming off a bye. Could be a long game for the Bucs.

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