Kyle Shanahan on Le’Veon Bell: “I’m good with all our guys”

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When running back Le'Veon Bell became a free agent in early 2019, the 49ers lurked on the fringes of the market, in the event his price tag fell below eight figures per year. Bell is now back on the market, but it sounds like the 49ers won’t be making a run at him.

“I’m good with all our guys,” coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters on Wednesday. “So, even if Raheem [Mostert] wasn’t back [from a knee injury], I don’t think that would change much. I think we’ve got pretty good depth and I know we’re going to get Tevin [Coleman] back soon, too, hopefully. Raheem played, I thought Raheem played great. I thought he was probably the best football player on the field on Sunday and wish we could have got the ball to him more, but you could tell he was ready to go.”

From Raheem Mostert to Tevin Coleman to Jerick McKinnon, there’s simply no need for Bell. Besides, the 49ers have far bigger problems right now than running back.

Bell became a free agent at 4:01 p.m. ET on Wednesday. He’s free to sign with any team at any time, and he’s entitled by rule to the full remaining balance of his 2020 base salary ($6 million) without reduction under the termination pay provision of the labor deal.

5 responses to “Kyle Shanahan on Le’Veon Bell: “I’m good with all our guys”

  1. “I’m good with all our guys” looks around & mouth’s “except that Garoppolo guy, please help”.

  2. I think that since the Jets cut Bell..and Bell’s salary was fully guaranteed this year, that the Jets are on the hook for his salary this year, even if he goes to another team.

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