Sean McDermott: “We beat ourselves”

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The Bills brought a 4-0 record to Tennessee. They’re leaving with their first loss of the year. So what happened to Buffalo on Tuesday night?

“We beat ourselves probably more than anything, and that’s something you can do in this league,” coach Sean McDermott told reporters after the 42-16 loss.

“At the end of the day, you’ve got to be ready to go. Uncharacteristic game for us. Uncharacteristically poor fundamentals, poor pre-snap discipline, turning the ball over. . . . There’s only one opponent, that opponent’s on the other sideline. You can’t beat yourself. I give them credit, they were ready to go. At the same time, we beat ourselves. . . . Lack of fundamentals, lack of execution, pre-snap penalties. Again, taking care of the football. Hard to win in this league unless you do those things.”

McDermott was asked about the impact of the uncertainty surrounding the league’s first Tuesday night game since December 2010 on the outcome.

“We’re not about excuses and explanations at this point,” McDermott said. “You get paid and expect to be ready to go, and obviously we weren’t ready to go.”

As to the league’s handling of the situation, McDermott reiterated his position: “I’ve got no comment on that. . . . I got not comment. There’s no excuses, no explanations. We got beat tonight, and that starts with us.”

McDermott referred on multiple occasions to the inability of the defensive line to get pressure of quarterback Ryan Tannehill. McDermott added that the Titans did what the Bills expected them to do, and that there were no surprises.

In five days, they’ll play another night game. It’s happening against a Chiefs team that also had been 4-0, that was stunned in Week Five, and that has a quarterback on whom pressure is hard to generate. And one of those teams that started 4-0 will end up being 4-2.

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  1. Yes, it wasn’t the Titans. Don’t give them any credit. It’s funny how just a little bit of success turns fans and teams into jerks.

  2. Uhh, i mean….the entire country watched the Titans kick the snot out of you, but sure, the reason you got massacred was entirely about you beating yourselves.

  3. The problem might be waiting until the end of the day to be ready. Probably should have been ready at the beginning, or at least by game time. I don’t know. Could just be me.

  4. Listen, no excuses the Bills did play bad. BUT lets understand neither team would have had a BYE week and TENN. had 2 weeks to prepare and one less game played. The Bills didn’t know who they were going to play. No Doubt TENN won easily however a healthy Bills team,…….. I am not so sure that outcome would have been the same. Just sayin.

  5. Maybe to an extent, they certainly didn’t play well and made a bunch of mistakes. But still, 42-16. Even if they played better the Titans still win that game and that was with some key players missing.

  6. It’s clear the window for this defense has shut. Beane got a little too cute this off-season with retooling the Dline. What about Edmunds? He may be playing injured as is 95% as is of the league at this point but he’s always out of position playing catch up. Seems lost on his feet. You can only be the youngest linebacker in the league for so long.

  7. When you got your face caved in by a score of 42-16, you’re not allowed to trot “we beat ourselves.” What a loser

  8. Thanks for the obvious Sean but Derrick Henry ran over you and you couldn’t stop him. That should be the narrative

  9. He is correct. Most teams that loose beat themselves.

    Oh well, KC is pissed off and waiting for you. Good Luck.

  10. Maybe, just maybe the Bills are not as good as the media and the hype that surrounds them.
    Yes they will most likely win the division but that isn’t saying much coming from the AFCE
    Tennessee owned them the entire game and it wasn’t even close.
    Norman was on the wrong end of the best stiff arm you will ever see.
    He will have nightmares about that one haha

  11. The Bills lack of depth was exposed. There’s a huge drop off when Tre White and Matt Milano can’t play, and Tremaine Edmunds is clearly not 100%. And now a date with some angry Chiefs.

  12. The Titans were better and deserve credit.

    But as a coach, McD has to address his team – they made one mistake after another. The penalties were out of control. They turned the ball over. They repeatedly didn’t set the edge on defense.

    They can’t play like that next week & expect to win.

  13. “We beat ourselves” – said no winning coach or player.

    So you put up 42 points against yourselves?

    When your receiver can’t catch the ball and it results in a pick, and when your QB makes a bone headed throw to the corner back you beat yourselves?
    How about your defense not stopping the Titans, you beat yourselves?

    Titans dominated that game. yeah, you beat yourselves.

  14. he’s not wrong between the drops, especially that first one that led to the int and the hundreds of penalties the bills did beat themselves and credit to titans for taking advantage of all those errors…i saw enough last night to know if they meet in the playoffs the bills will win that game

  15. So how does “we beat ourselves” factor into tiebreakers? Wins and losses don’t have asterisks.

  16. 14 days worth of fresh legs, against a team who was forced (by the Titans) to game plan against two potential opponents.
    See you in the playoffs if the Titans make it..

  17. Lame statement. Not a good look. Furthering the embarrassment with one of the worst cop-out cliches in sports.

  18. I don’t believe saying that you “beat yourself” is an excuse. It means you didn’t show up, you didn’t execute, and you played like crap and lost. The Bills were just bad in all facets and everything went wrong for them and that’s what happens when you can

  19. Chiefs just managed to beat themselves week 5 as well. Which team manages to beat themselves twice in succession will be telling.

  20. “It means you didn’t show up”

    That’s clearly what he’s trying to say but that isn’t actually what happened. They didn’t come out totally flat and immediately fall behind by a ton of points. It was 14-10 until Tenn got a TD with 16 seconds left before half to make it 21-10. That first half was the high point for the Bills of the entire game and they were absolutely still in the game at that point. But after halftime they got absolutely nothing done. They didn’t score in the 3rd and it was effectively over at 28-10 entering the 4th and their only points of the second half came with just 10 minutes left. They showed up but they didn’t make any adjustments after half and just let themselves get blown away.

  21. I am a lifelong Chiefs fan. I tell you that to tell you this, the Raiders beat the crap out of the Chiefs last week. That game was not as close as the score. Mahomes threw a TD is garbage time to make it appear closer than it was. The Raiders executed better on all three phases of the game. By now you are wondering the point of this diatribe, so here it is.
    Sean, admit when you got spanked! You didn’t beat yourselves, the Titans took you out behind the woodshed. If you think you beat yourselves, then you are going to beat yourselves again this week and the next week and the next week.

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