Should Jets hold Le’Veon Bell until the trade deadline?

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The Jets announced last night that they will release Le'Veon Bell. Which means, contrary to many accounts of the situation, that they haven’t released him yet.

The smarter move would be to keep him, at least for the next two weeks and six days.

Although the Jets currently have no trade market for Bell, that could change in an instant. Running backs get injured all the time. If a starter with a contender suffers a multi-week or season-ending injury in Week Six, Week Seven, or Week Eight, a market for Bell instantly could emerge.

The Jets will be paying Bell whether he’s on the team or not. While he may not like it, especially since it’s financially better for him to be cut and to have a chance to double-dip with a new team (the balance of his salary could be collected as termination pay), Bell would have to live with it, if the Jets tell him that’s the way it’s going to be.

While the Jets can’t send him home with pay, they’re not compelled to activate him, and they’re not required to give him practice reps that would risk an injury. Even if they’ve had enough of Bell, patience could do for them the same thing it did for the Bengals in 2011, when a broken collarbone for Jason Campbell in the last game before the deadline opened the door for a Carson Palmer trade to the Raiders.

The fact that the Jets have announced an intention to cut Bell now shows that the relationship has deteriorated to the point at which the team doesn’t care about the possibility of trading Bell between now and November 3. With the team’s bye now moved from Week 11 to Week 10, the Jets have four more chances (at Dolphins, Bills, at Chiefs, Patriots) to avoid taking a winless record into the prime spot for firing a coach during the season.

From the perspective of coach Adam Gase, it makes more sense to clear out a headache than to hope that the Jets will be able to get some sort of late-round compensation for a player former G.M. Mike Maccagnan never should have signed.

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  1. A player Mike Maccagnan should never have signed? That statement will be proven true or false based upon Bell’s next team, not the Gase offense.

  2. No. They had been trying to trade Bell for a few weeks and nobody wanted him on his existing deal. Releasing him is the only option. Now it’s time to deal with the real issue on the Jets: Adam Gase. It’s clear that the majority of players don’t like him and don’t respond to him, so he needs to go next. We all know Williams is not HC material, so give the job to a young upstart. At this point, if only to get good press, take the most tenured Black coach on the staff and him the interim coach. If he can get a few wins, make him the permanent coach.

  3. No team is going to give the Jets anything to take on that contract. I still think Bell can be successful in the right situation, but there’s not that much daylight between him and other cheaper available backs. Especially if everyone knows they can wait a couple weeks and sign him for less.

  4. Since it’s the Jets it is 100% certain whatever they decide to do will turn out to be the wrong choice.

  5. Why not? They don’t lose anymore by keeping him until the trade deadline. Maybe they can at least get something for him. It doesn’t hurt.

    The bigger issue is why they signed him in the first place. They had so many areas of concern why not spread that money around instead of spending so much money on a guy with a history of injury and suspensions? It’s the Jets though. The entire organization is a mess.

    As far as hiring a young coach, why would a young coach take that job? It’s a career ender. It reminds me of David Shula with the Bengals. That team had zero talent and he wasn’t much better but he had a promising future before becoming coach of the Bengals. Have you heard of him being another head coach? Have you heard anything from him? I had to look it up. His NFL career head coaching record was 19-52, losing 50 games faster than anyone in NFL history. He was out of football until 2018 when he was hired as WR coach for Dartmouth. They are going to have to get some guy (like Rex Ryan who doesn’t care what people think) and a good GM to rebuild that roster. Only then will that team be respectable again.

  6. A lot of pundits suggested the year off for bell would have a rejuvenating effect. I’m no expert, but LeVeon Bell hasn’t been the same back regardless of contractual situation or offensive system. Seeing backs making 1/10 of his salary and out producing him should be a wake up call for everyone in the NFL and have the Steelers counting their blessings that he didn’t accept that 5 yr 70 mil offer years ago.

  7. vermontjet says:

    October 14, 2020 at 10:43 am

    A player Mike Maccagnan should never have signed? That statement will be proven true or false based upon Bell’s next team, not the Gase offense.
    Incorrect. I dont believe that rbs are as interchangeable as some BUT even if you thought Bell could put up great numbers conpared to other rbs the Jets werent 1 piece away. To pay a premium price to a position that doesnt get premium money in free agency means your paying to put you over the hump and be a game changer and that wasnt going to happen so yes it’s a player he shouldnt have signed, that doesnt mean it wouldnt have made sense for other teams at the time.

  8. No. Bell, and more specifically, the media, will 100% be a major distraction over the next two and a half weeks if they hang onto him. Best-case scenario is they get a late round pick for him. Not worth the headache by any stretch.

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