Vic Fangio on Melvin Gordon: There will be some consequences

Getty Images

Broncos running back Melvin Gordon was arrested for DUI on Tuesday night and the team’s head coach Vic Fangio offered the first response from the team beyond a statement saying they were aware of the incident.

Fangio said he spoke to Gordon and told him to go home rather than take part in practice on Wednesday. He also said that they have not made a determination about whether Gordon will play against the Patriots this weekend.

“I didn’t want him to practice today until we get to the bottom of everything,” Fangio said, via Michael Spencer of KCNC. “Talk to the league, get facts in order before we make a decision on what we’re going to do. And weigh the differences between what the mandated league punishment would be and anything we want to do in addition to that. Yeah, I’m disappointed. My own two kids have disappointed me at some points in their lives, but I’ve never stopped loving them. He’s one of us, we’re gonna love him but there will be some consequences to what happened last night.”

Players involved in DUI cases are typically suspended for multiple games, although no action is likely to be taken by the league until Gordon’s case has moved through the system.