Falcons: One new positive test caused closure of facility

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The Falcons have issued a statement regarding the closure of their facility on Thursday.

A report from Adam Schefter of ESPN indicated the closure came after the team had four members of the organization test positive for COVID-19, but that not all of those tests had been confirmed. In their statement, the team confirms that there has been one positive test and makes no mention of any other pending results.

“Out of an abundance of caution following one new positive test, we have made the decision to stop all in-person work at IBM Performance Field Thursday and will conduct all operations virtually,” the statement said. “This decision was made in consultation with the NFL and medical officials. The health and safety of our team is our highest priority.”

According to multiple reports, the person who tested positive is not a player. The NFL has not made any announcement about what, if any, effect the closure will have on Sunday’s scheduled game against the Vikings.

10 responses to “Falcons: One new positive test caused closure of facility

  1. The NFL should have played an abbreviated season, with each team playing its divisional opponent’s twice and two conference opponents to create tie breakers, for playoff seeding..

    Did the NFL really think they could go 17 weeks, plus the playoffs, during a pandemic?

    I believe in optimism, but stupidity exists, too!

  2. Typical Falcons……. Honestly if I where them I would blow it all up. Get a first and other picks for Julio. Trade Ryan, and tank for Trevor. This team needs a restart….. They can’t get past 28-3

  3. empathictrack15 says:
    Get a first and other picks for Julio. Trade Ryan, and tank for Trevor.
    The problem with trading Ryan,… he's owed $83 million over the next 2 years. What team would or could take that on ???
    And ATL would take a $75 million salary accelerated cap hit immediately.
    Julio Jones accelerated cap hit would be $59 million.
    This is what happens when we say a team is putting their player salaries on the CREDIT CARD.
    Neither player will be traded. Too expensive. It's gonna be tough sledding for ATL until they can clean up their salary cap.

  4. You’d think IBM would demand a refund on for the ‘IBM Performance Field’ naming rights. The message I am receiving is ‘overpay for stats not wins.’

  5. I thought that the whole purpose of all the testing was to keep things on track. If a player is positive then move him to IR and get the next man up from the practice squad and keep testing everybody in the building. If a dude who works in the office tests positive, send him home and then contine testing. This shutting everything down due to “an abundance of caution” doesn’t make any sense.

  6. Just move it to a bubble already and stop with the 5000 fans in the stands crap if you actually care about finishing the season. Everyday the daily covid case count in rising by the thousands around the country and the nfl thinks that’s the perfect time to let fans in?

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